Last week Season 2 of Marvel’s Agent Carter premiered with two back-to-back episodes. I will start off by saying the episodes did not disappoint! (I am warning you there will be spoilers after the break… so please do not continue if you don’t want to possibly learn something).

To start off I want to say… just how cool is Jarvis?! Well, after watching the premiere, I felt like I still loved Jarvis but I’m absolutely in love with Mrs. Jarvis. His wife is fan-freaking-tastic and I really do hope that there is a lot more of her. She was spunky enough for Jarvis and a little less dry than he can be… heck she even asks Peggy if she was expecting Mrs. Jarvis to be more “like Jarvis”. Instead, Ana’s a hip, fashionable, no nonsense type of woman that seems to enjoy her husband chasing Pink Flamingos on the lawn. (I have to say this was one of my favourite scenes of the night).

Now, I could make this a review that breaks down each and every plot point but I believe most of you (if not, go watch it!) have had the chance to watch it (at least once) so I think you know what happened. So instead let’s skip ahead in time, past the breakdown of the potential relationship that was left hanging between Peggy and Daniel, to their reunion in California. In all honesty I’m not really surprised they made a reason for that relationship to end before it even began. Heck, I’m a strong advocate that there is no need for a love interest in all Female Led action/superhero shows, because seriously, a girl doesn’t need a guy to be successful. I did like that they had her make every effort to seem like she was trying to find out, and him being ever evasive instead of just saying that he had a girlfriend. Seriously, what is it with guys not just coming straight out and telling a girl that he likes someone else!

Talking about potentials for relationships. I really liked the way they brought the Jason Wilkes character into the fold of the show (and potential removed him for a bit… because it’s Marvel, no one’s ever gone for good). He was fun and straightforward with Peggy, there was no guessing at the fact that he liked her, and that she may be interested with enough time. Instead he treated her as an equal to himself and seemed to be a good counterpart to her personality. I loved the scene when they were asking for change and she was upset that she couldn’t give the clerk an attitude adjustment with her fist.

The fact that they brought in the historical facts of segregation and the lack of equality for women, and people of colour, makes me so happy. I really dislike when shows are doing period pieces and they don’t acknowledge actual history because it’s not PC anymore. What was even better is that it was acknowledged in a straight forward manner. They said, yes it happens, no it’s not right, but it did happen and instead of making it a huge deal, let’s make the characters act like they are just as irritated by the whole situation as the rest of us are. It gave us a good look of how they both dealt with society slightly different and yet completely different to when they had other white male characters in the scene.

So for the plot… I have to say both episodes (which I’ve been referring to as one since they ran into each other) were very well done. We have a lead up to a much bigger story happening and I’m very interested to see how any of the future Marvel productions may tie into it. The Zero Matter, for instance, and the secret society with the lapel pins really make me wonder if we are heading up to something for the future Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid-season premiere to include. The secret society reminds me of Hydra… or is that just me? I’m sure they are meant to have an air of Hydra to them on purpose. Heck, the Zero Matter feels very much like the obelisk did in this season of S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s something about moving matter that seems to create interdimensional cracks in space that Marvel loves! I also loved that it seems to affect water by freezing it in a way.

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Going back to Jason Wilkes, I’m also very excited that Agent Carter may start bringing in the science of things a little more going forward. The one thing that was missing in the first season was a strong character with a strong scientific knowhow. Although they had scientists and even Howard Stark at times, there was no one there to really discuss why things were happening. Instead it was always more of a foot race to deal with things as they happened instead. This season leads to a possibility of more scientific ties, that may also lead (as most of the MCU are doing) into other things, even if it’s just little hints or easter eggs in future episodes of shows or movies.

I am also intrigued in the growth of Dottie’s character and the story line with the FBI. We know that they are hinting of the SSR’s demise, but I’m wondering where they are going with it. I tend to feel like everyone is bad before they are good. I’m highly suspicious of the FBI agent, Vernon Masters (played by the awesome Kurtwood Smith). Do you think that they aren’t as they seem or is that just me? Also, do they have links with Dottie and her Soviet background? The way they took her out of there she seemed to recognize who or what they are before Jack Thompson, which may be why she told him to say bye to Peggy for her.

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

I’m also sure there’s more to Whitney Frost than meets the eye. I was a little sad how the episode ended with Jason Wilkes missing… but her with the cut on her forehead, in her dressing room makes me even more excited. Is she going to turn into something?? Is she already not exactly “normal”?? I really want to know. She kept hinting that she knows more about the Zero Matter stuff than most people (even the scientists) know about it. She even stated that she understood better than anyone. How is she tied to it? She is obviously pulling the strings of her husband to have the stuff researched… my big question is WHY??

Honestly, part of me just doesn’t trust blondes. After the whole Dottie issue of season one I instantly think the blondes in the show are actual Soviet agents. I can’t help but be suspicious of Ms Frost or even Violet… heck, I see more threat from the women that show up in the show than any of the men. I know that the men are equally as capable, but there’s something more subversive and secretive about the women.

So what did you think? Do you have your PVR ready for the rest of the season? Are you as excited as I am for what is to come and do you like the new characters introduced?

Feature Image: ABC Studios