Hello Carterites. Another season of Agent Carter has come to a close and I’m in anguish that it’s done! It was a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions, but seriously I think the show-runners are trying to kill me.

I am going to admit, I hate season finales. I hate them with a passion. There’s something sad and happy and horrible about them all at the same time. They pull my heart strings, end stuff that I was concerned about, and always seem to create a whole new bunch of sorrows with no conclusion just to mess with me.

This episode was the battle of the Zero Matter that’s been building all season. We see the return of Howard Stark, which I have to admit I loved. Everyone is being so serious at the start of the episode, trying to run away from crazy Whitney Frost (who has just absorbed all the Zero Matter), and then Jarvis drives in and hits her with a car. Okay maybe that wasn’t as funny as I felt, but the exchange with a shocked Stark did me in:

Stark: Jarvis! You just hit a woman with my car.

Jarvis: Yes Sir.

Stark: She was a two time Oscar Nominee.

Jarvis: Ms. Frost is quite resilient sir.

I think it’s the fact that we are on the heels of this year’s Oscars, and they still managed to pull an Oscar zinger in there!

I was very happy that they managed to somehow save everyone (well, other than Vernon Masters), but I think what was even better was throwing 3 brilliant scientists into a room and having them discuss solutions to Zero Matter. After sneaking into Whitney Frost’s room, Peggy and Sousa steal the plans Whitney is working on, and then figure out what she is making. We get to watch Samberly, Stark and Wilkes arguing… not over the machine but of what to name it. This scene proved to me that Agent Carter is leading up to have Peggy take over the SSR and create S.H.I.E.L.D.

Peggy: “Well, I’d like to postpone Armageddon if we can help it. Yes, there are many obstacles, but I’m standing in front of three of the most radiant minds on the planet; I’m sure you can find a way to overcome them.”

Jarvis: “I swear you can hear their egos growing.”

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

The friendship between Jarvis and Peggy just seems to get stronger, and the small quips they have are just better and better. The fact that from Peggy’s prodding the three minds in question were able to stop arguing over a name, figure out a solution, and get a plan in place in a matter of seconds was awesome. I can’t help but laugh at Peggy’s ability to H.R. people (yes, she is good at Human Resourcing people into getting what she wants and needs). To top the scene off, she leaves the lab with: “Wonderful! Oh, It’s called a rift generator.” And no one argues with her. They just go, oh that’s a good name.

I really liked the progression of Whitney and Manfredi’s relationship. He is madly in love with her, and yet is still willing to betray her since he sees that the Zero Matter isn’t actually aiding her, but making her go madder. I enjoyed the fact that his mother told him straight out that if he loves Whitney, he needs to go to Stark and Peggy to get help. I can’t help but feel bad for him at the end of the episode, though. He still loves her and you can tell he wants to take care of her, but by the end she has fallen into full blown madness (as a lot of Super Villains tend to do).

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

The end of the episode started with the ominous “Stay past this line” speech that anyone who follows comics (or even most action movies) knows means there is a good chance someone will have to go into the forbidden circle. Agent Carter did not disappoint. The group started the rift generator and opened a rift that seemed to actually call to Whitney Frost. She walks straight up to it… and then she gets blasted with X-Rays, and the Zero Matter gets pushed out of her and sucked into the vortex. Once the Zero Matter is gone, they arrest her while she is raving (and I guess on the full decline to insanity).

They now need to shut down the rift…. but (of course) the remote isn’t working. So while everyone is arguing as to who should go past the line and shut down the machine, Sousa ties himself to a post with a hose and then heads toward the rift generator. While he’s shutting down the generator, the rift starts sucking in everything near it. Peggy and the group try to pull Sousa away but to no avail. With a bit of smart thinking on Jarvis and Samberly’s part to send in Howard Stark’s flying car (which is totally an ode to Coulson’s vehicle… which makes you believe Coulson’s Lola was originally Stark’s) with an X-Ray machine inside it to close the rift. Of course it works, and to everyone’s relief they all survive.

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

So we are left with what feels like a happy ending… but of course we can’t have that. Peggy goes in to say goodbye to Sousa and they FINALLY kiss. For all my naysaying about having a romantic relationship within strong female character rolls, I don’t mind this one. I like that Sousa and Peggy are comfortable with each other’s abilities, and that they support one another in most ventures. Of course the finale’s end can’t be all fine and dandy. No, we need something sad to end it all and leave us hanging…. and that is Thompson.

Thompson was finally coming around! He started sharing things in this episode that you were sure he was either going to keep for himself for some gain or use against someone; instead he was actually helpful and informative. It makes you realize that he may not have always been such a bad guy or self appreciating all the time. Now, we can’t have this change of heart and mannerism go unnoticed… nope instead he gets shot right at the end of the episode.

Seriously! Why always the cliffhangers? We have to now wait a WHOLE YEAR to find out if he survives…  And do Peggy and Sousa keep at it?? Are they going to stay in LA or move back to New York?? I have so many questions and needs unmet that I stand even more firmly by my dislike of Season Finales.

So what did you think? Were you satisfied? Happy? Sad? Angry?? Or are you like me: Sappangry!