It’s time for another Agent Carter recap, and this week we were treated to two episodes, back-to-back. Let’s talk about “Life of the Party” and “Monsters”!

Because they ran into each other I will mostly be discussing them as one. Not only do we get some major plot pushes in both episodes we also get the return of a few of our secondary ladies.

Part 1: Life of the Party

“Life of the Party” started with Peggy recovering from being impaled on a spike of rebar, and a campaign party happening. In order to further Wilkes’ research and make sure he stays solid (or as solid as possible), they require some Zero Matter… which means they need a sample of Whitney Frost’s blood. Peggy can’t go to the party (she’s obviously too injured and very recognizable) so they decide to use a substitute. Now I really wasn’t expecting them to use Dottie. I thought maybe they’d include Mrs. Jarvis in on the caper, but I guess Dottie is a much better (and more experienced) candidate.

I love the interactions between Dottie and Peggy. Right from the start there are respectful little quips within their conversations… from Peggy telling Dottie to “Follow my trail up to ground level, and no window shopping” to Dottie pouting when Peggy already took the gun from the unconscious guard.

Even Jarvis gets in on it with one of the funniest scenes in a while: Jarvis and Dottie acknowledge each other (“Ms Underwood.” “Jeeves.”) then Dottie steals his watch while Jarvis trying to convince Peggy he needs a weapon. I think what made it more endearing was that Dottie had her head under a hairdryer and all you could see was Jarvis (with no sound) pantomiming to Peggy how much we felt he needed a weapon by mimicking different fight sequences.

Through all this it makes me love Dottie even more. Her involvement at the party didn’t change my love for her either… upon them noticing Thompson, her response was the best!

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Jarvis: He appears to be rubbing elbows with Ms. Frost and Mr. Chadwick.

Dottie: Want me to kill him?

Peggy and Sousa (in unison): Do Not Kill Him!

Dottie: Come on… It would be quick.

While this was all going on, of course there was more happening on the other side of events. Mr. Chadwick and Ms. Frost are attending a gathering not just for Mr. Chadwick’s campaign but also for a secret Candle Men meeting, to which Whitney has been invited to join in order to discuss Zero Matter. Of course we suspected the whole council, and are we surprised that they attempted to suppress Ms. Frost? Not in the least. Instead I was much more surprised when she was able to control her powers on a much grander scale and kill off over half of the cabal, including her husband (totally called that one) and has now taken over!

By the end of the first episode, Whitney manages to have Dottie captured (by none other than Thompson) and is now the head of the whole candle group. What I liked was the fact that those left on the council chose to abide by her rules but the few outsiders involved (mainly Masters) don’t seem to be too excited about this change in upper management… especially being she’s a woman.

Part 2: Monsters

The second episode “Monsters” starts with Whitney running the whole secret society with the help of Manfredi, a local mob boss that we saw earlier. He seems to have no qualms with taking orders from Ms. Frost and does as he’s told. What I loved was the slight tension in Masters and how Manfredi seemed to get a kick out of the fact that Masters is being ordered by Ms. Frost. Dottie gets to see first hand how Ms. Frost treats those that are worth her time… and those that are not.

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment KURTWOOD SMITH, KEN MARINO

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

I also liked the movement of the Wilkes plot. I’m not sure how I feel about the kiss with Peggy. I know it’s been leading up to this point, and I understand his frustration with the team and the feelings that he isn’t always top priority, but at the same time he’s been starting to get annoying and mushy… and honestly I don’t always love mushy. Since the beginning, I’ve been asking “Why does a female-led show NEED to have a love interest??” Peggy went from none… to potentially 2… and now everything’s a jumbled mess. I totally get Peggy’s frustration because she wasn’t looking for any relationships… she seems totally capable on her own, and yet we all know she has a daughter in time, so we do need to have a partner for that I guess.

At the end of the party in the previous episode, Jarvis managed to reclaim the sample of Ms. Frost’s blood, and so Mrs. Jarvis (with guidance from Wilkes) builds the chamber he’s designed to keep him solid. Once returned to the physical world, Wilkes is hungry and frustrated and finally you get the reveal that Mrs. Jarvis is also nervous and scared about Jarvis’s involvement with Peggy. She even gets a nice moment to tell Jarvis exactly how she feels…

Anna: I’m not worried about her

Jarvis: If you would rather I didn’t go.

Anna: No, she needs you, and I can see how much you need this. So I can permit you your adventure Mr. Jarvis but you must permit me to wring my hands from time to time.

I felt this was one of the best interchanges between a married couple I’ve seen in awhile. She’s not worried about Peggy, but as a wife, she is totally worried about the safety of her husband. She is not about to stop him or make him change, but she is stating straight out that she is allowed to worry about him.

With Peggy and Jarvis running off to save Dottie, knowing that they are walking into a trap, Mrs. Jarvis and Wilkes are left at the house to have dinner and wait for their return. Of course Peggy and Jarvis manage to get Dottie (with only a bit of difficulty due to Jarvis entering the wrong code into the borrowed Stark machine he brought) and it seems like everything is okay… until Dottie states that the trap was not for Peggy.

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Ms. Frost is getting better and better! She showed up at the Stark residence and attempted to remove the Zero Matter from Wilkes, but failed… resulting in Wilkes being more solid than ever. She is very good at assessing her needs and adjusting her expectations. Now she cannot leave Wilkes, because he is just too interesting and the Zero Matter is too important, but she can definitely take him with her. I was a little surprised at Wilkes’ willingness to be convinced to join her on the study. He really didn’t put up much of a fight about going with Whitney, but maybe his scientific nature got the better of him.

And then the worst thing had to happen: Mrs. Jarvis, while attempting to stop Ms. Frost, gets shot in the stomach just as Jarvis drives up to the house. We are left on a serious low! I felt this was even worse than Peggy getting hurt. With Peggy we know she grows old, we know she is a founder of S.H.I.E.D.… but with Anna, we don’t know. There is never any mention by Tony or anyone in the future movies as to the status of Jarvis and Anna. We don’t know if she will live through this and we don’t know where that will leave Jarvis. I am really hoping she survives, partially because I hate that these shows always seem to kill off strong women, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

The only thing I didn’t really discuss is Sousa being ousted by Masters. You don’t really see much after it happens… he’s just sent home and that’s about it.

What do you think?? Will Wilkes go evil with Frost? Is he just playing her to stop her insanity and figure out a way to defeat her? Will Anna survive??

So many questions, and it looks like another double episode this week!