Hello Carterites! Okay, I know that’s not a term but that’s what I’m using. How did you like this week’s episode?? Were you as excited as I was and maybe even shocked at times?? I am so happy where this season is going and there’s nothing better than a little Agent Carter for the soul. (As usual this is a discussion of the episode so be aware that there may, or definitely will, be spoilers to follow)

All I want to say is… I called it. I knew Wilkes wasn’t dead, so booyah! There’s nothing better than understanding that you can’t just kill someone off all together in the Marvel Universe. I love that there is always something more. Now Wilkes being technically invisible is a fun and interesting twist, and I was so glad that Howard Stark returned for the whole episode. Also there’s nothing better than two self assured men trying to figure out a problem. I’m really interested in where they are going to go with Wilkes being a visible apparition at the moment but I’m sure the Stark/Wilkes combination will play very similar in some ways as the Stark/Banner combo does at times… science bros for the win.

Talking about Mr. Stark I have to say that I love his character and Peggy’s interaction with him. He’s fun and a total playboy. You can definitely see where his son gets it from. Not only that, I love the kind of OCD personality they have. When they are bored or not insanely interested in something they party and throw caution to the wind, but when there’s a new puzzle to solve their whole attention is focused on it! To the point that they hop onto a plane and go anywhere as long as they can get their answers.

I was a little sad that we didn’t have an appearance of Mrs Jarvis with Mr Stark. I would have been very interested to see how the two of them interacted. They both have such different types of personalities that I’m sure there would either be a form of camaraderie or loathing… I can’t tell which.

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit ABC Studios/ Marvel Entertainment

Now let’s talk about the Elephant in the room… Ms. Frost! I have to admit I didn’t expect the admission at the end of the episode that she is actually the scientist that founded Isodyne. This is a fun and interesting movement in the show. She’s actually being set up to be the perfect counterpart to Peggy. She’s smart, interesting, intuitive, manipulative and willing to pursue her own path whether they want her to or not. Now that it’s been revealed that the Zero Matter is somehow fused to Ms. Frost, I can’t wait to see how her powers start to manifest when she stops being scared of them and starts embracing them.

Is anyone else as annoyed with Jack Thompson as I am? I know he’s always looking out for himself but don’t you think he would have learned from last season to acknowledge Peggy’s word instead of trying to control her (what’s it with men and control issues)? This kind of irks me. Not only are we having a shadowing of last season, where Peggy and Stark (with the aid of Jarvis of course) start heading in a direction that she was specifically told not to go, she is having to fight against the boys’ club yet again. Thompson seems just too gullible and too much a pushover. I really hope that the reveal that the “FBI” is working for Chadwick and the candle group makes him smarten up…. but we will have to wait for that.

Overall I think we are shaping up to a pretty awesome season.

What do you think? Do you think Ms. Frost will be as formidable an opponent as Dottie? Do you think Thompson will grow a backbone, or be able to realize an opportunity to infiltrate the inner sanctum? Let me know in the comments!