Greetings iggles! noxy here, super late, (sorry!) to let you know that this month will have an Iggle Paint Live event, and it’s only days away! Woot!

Last month I ran a google hangout, but alas, only had one official iggle visitor, and too many random creeps joining via some website that allows access to all google hangouts.

So this month will be exclusively done via twitter, but there are some changes!!

Iggle Live Painting
March 20th, 2015
First Event:       2pm CST / 8pm GMT
Second Event:  8pm CST / 2am GMT

First, the event’s times have been rescheduled to start an hour later than last month’s. Second, these times are not set in stone.  I will be available throughout the entire weekend to paint with anyone who’d like to participate! Just shoot me a tweet @IgglePC and let me know when you’re available to paint, and we’ll live tweet from there! I have no issues with painting more that one of the same thing! In fact, for last month’s, these were my paintings:

Love paintings
So, seriously, if you’d like to paint live with me, but the times don’t work, let me know! We’ll work something out! If I need to wake up at 4:30am my time to paint with you, I will.  😀

On to what we’ll be painting… it’s a fairly simple image, but there’s a challenge thrown in…

logo4Tada!! To celebrate IGGPPC’s birthday, we’re painting the official logo!!

But here’s the challenge – to paint it freehand

So no sketching out your circle, or where the letters go, or straight lines… nothing! It should all be done in freehanded glory. Let your paint do all the work, and if it ends up a mess, it’ll be a beautiful mess!

You need not use purples for your painted logo. Feel free to choose whatever colors you’d like! Multiple colored mayhem even! And also, you’re welcome to change the D20 in the middle of yours if you want.  Since this is your painting, why not throw in whatever means something to you? Of course, you’re more than welcome to stick to the logo exactly too, it’s all up to you!

extra details! 
~ I’ll be live tweeting through the Paint Challenge twitter account – @IgglePC
~ We’ll be using this hashtag –  #IggleCCLive
~ Wine/alcohol is optional and only allowed if you’re of age. Please drink responsibly.

Any questions? You can tweet me at any of these three twitters: @IgglePC, @IggleCC, and @msnoxy.

Oh! And don’t forget – this month’s Paint Challenge is to paint something green, and the Craft Challenge is to make a birthday cake that’s not made of food!!

Happy crafting!
♥ – noxy