Spring has finally sprung in the northern hemisphere and this month marks IGGPPC’s 2 year anniversary! We have been super busy planning all the birthday events and what not but we are still going to share with you what things have been lighting our fires this month! Let us know what you’ve been enjoying this month in a comments.


Pick: CARROT Hunger (iPhone App)

One night in the middle of an insomniac stupor, I stumbled upon one of the closest things to having GLaDOS (from the Portal video games) in my daily life: the CARROT Hunger app. It’s a calorie counting app that keeps you engaged with sassy, snide remarks. I am absolutely against using punishment and shame tactics as motivators, but I think this app’s sarcastic jabs are too hyperbolic to be taken seriously. I can’t help but cackle when I open the app to log a meal and she greets me with, “Oh god, how much ice cream have you eaten this time?” There’s even a Wheatley-esque male voice who chimes in when you review your diary logs. (“Why do you hate portion control?” he once mockingly questioned me.) The graphics are simple, but the animations are just as hilarious as the chiding. And I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises for anyone, but Easter eggs abound!! The actual food logging in itself is a bit clunky, but the overall design is what has kept me using the program. I swear it is GLaDOS come to life to infiltrate our mobile devices and take over the entire world. Watch out! And watch your diet at the same time.


Pick: Howl’s Moving Castle (Film)

I saw my first Studio Ghibli production this month, & I think I’m hooked. The idea of a Ghibli-themed group cosplay came up in some C2E2 discussion, & I decided it’d be super fun to experience something new in order to share that with my friends, & I was right! Howl was a cosplay option mentioned for me, so I picked Howl’s Moving Castle to watch first, & it was so very enchanting. I already want to rewatch it, as well as see everything else Studio Ghibli I can find.


Pick: Stabby the Unicorn (Clothing)

I love unicorns. Stabby unicorns? Even better!


Pick: Agent Alice (iPhone and Android Game)

My pick this month is Agent Alice, a hidden object mystery game that I recently downloaded. In it, you play Agent Alice Wallace, a detective being newly recruited for a secretive Agency, solving cases that have a bit of magic or the fantastic about them. To be honest, I’m sure it’s playing off of the recent success of the show Agent Carter, but I’m okay with that. The art is lovely, the hidden objects shift each turn even if you have to explore the same place twice, and the faster you play the higher your score. It’s also free to play, which is nice. The only down side is that there is a fair bit of waiting involved. You run out of energy quickly or need to wait certain amounts of time to advance, but I kind of enjoy that it has time limits on how much I’m going to play. It’s good for a few minutes without getting sucked into gameplay for hours. Check it out and tell me what you think!


Pick: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (TV Show)

I marathoned the entire season over two days. It’s incredibly funny and cute and I loved the guest stars. By far my favourite part was finding out who the Reverend was (I won’t spoil it for you though). And now, a couple weeks later, I’m still singing the theme song. I’m already thinking of rewatching the series too.marchpick-toast

Pick: Puyo Puyo Tetris (XBOX Game)

I’m a huge Tetris lover and I’m always on the lookout for fun new Tetris games. Sadly, the newest American release of Tetris is pretty terrible, so we imported Puyo Puyo Tetris, a Japanese version that melds the games Puyo Puyo and Tetris into a quirky and unique version of Tetris that can be enjoyed even if you don’t know Japanese. I’m pretty terrible at Puyo Puyo, so my husband enjoys the versus mode on this version more than he does regular Tetris because sometimes he can beat me depending on which of the crazy multiplayer modes we’re playing.


Pick: Slash (Game)

Slash is a card game all about making the perfect OTP. The game play is similar to Apples to Apples or CAH. Each round, the judge plays one card as the first half of the pairing. The rest of the players pick the person or character from their hand that they think best pairs up. Hilarity ensues! The core set is currently sold out on line, but there is a print and play version you can download for free!


Pick: Five Night’s at Freddys (Game)

I’ve chosen Five Night’s at Freddys (1, 2, and 3!) as my staff pick. It’s a game I’ve been streaming a lot lately, full of creepy animatronic puppets (think Chuck E Cheese style critters), loads of jump scares, and a disturbing back story that will send chills up and down your endoskeleton.  You play a night security guard a Freddy Faz Bear’s pizza, and need to monitor (and protect yourself from) the wandering animatronics… just make sure they don’t kill you while you’re on the clock! These 2 fabulous videos from Game Theory (here and here) go into some very intriguing theories behind the story of the game. Was FNAF based on real life horrors at a Chuck E Cheese in the 90’s? Who is your character in the grand scheme of the story? Who is the man in purple? What’s up with the strange puppets, old and new, and what abilities do they have, and why? It’s got elements of weirdness, cuteness, intrigue, and creepiness, that make for spoopy fun fun fun for everyone. Especially if you can convince your friends to play it, and watch them scream in horror.

marchpick-farqPick: RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 7 (TV Show)

Oh honey, you better WERK! As a general rule, I avoid reality TV like the plague but I LIVE for RuPaul’s Drag Race – and season 7 has just started! If you aren’t familiar with the format a group of fierce queens battle it out each week to see who has the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to become America’s next drag superstar! One queen is eliminated each week when the bottom two have to lip sync for their lives! RuPaul is consistently flawless and I really wish that Michelle Visage was my best friend!