A Drink and a Dance to Your Health

During March we want to try something a little different! With that in mind, we are bringing you an activity challenge as well as a wellness challenge.

The activity for March is to put your favorite tunes on, turn the volume up to 11 and dance your butt off for 20 minutes a day. Dad dance, pogo, waltz, robot….. so long as you are grooving for (at least) 20 minutes each day!

Share your tunes or show us your moves by posting on the challenge post in the forums, tweeting at us (@igglefitness), or using the #igglefitness hashtag on social media.

dance dance dance

The second part of the challenge for this month is two-tiered and focuses on wellness. We want to work on your insides as well as your outsides, so we are going to focus on getting you to drink more water each day! Water is great for you in many ways, including improving your skin and kick-starting your metabolism in the morning.

one cup

Option 1: Drink at least 32oz (2pints) of water a day.

Option 2: Drink at least 64oz (4pints) of water per day.

five cup

We will post tips and reminders on Twitter and in the forum to help you succeed at each aspect of the March challenge.

Bonus! You will receive an achievement for completing the dance challenge, completing the 32 oz daily water intake challenge, and for completing the 64 oz daily water intake challenge. That’s a potential for 3 site karma via 3 separate achievements for working toward overall better health! You can complete all three or just one – it’s up to you!

Good luck, and let’s drink to your health!