Happy Marriage?! Vol. 6

Story and Art by Maki Enjoji

Happy Marriage?! Vol. 6

Poor Chiwa. No matter her intentions, it just seems like everything she does for Hokuto backfires on her. When we left off in volume 5, Chiwa decided to visit Hokuto’s father in the hospital. The relationship between Hokuto and his father is strained at best; Hokuto believes without a doubt that his father is responsible for his mother’s death many years ago. All Chiwa can see is a father who wishes to be closer to his son. In her eyes, getting closer to Hokuto’s father may aid Hokuto in climbing the corporate ladder within the family company.

Things are par for the course for this couple in this volume. Chiwa was forced to marry Hokuto, her boss and notorious bachelor in the business world. Their personalities couldn’t be more different. Where Chiwa is inexperienced in the world of romance and love, Hokuto’s playboy nature makes him intimidating to Chiwa. Hokuto is brash and focused on his work whereas Chiwa is sensitive to other’s emotional states. In order to advance his career, Hokuto is willing to remain married to the woman his grandfather chose for him nearly two years ago.

It’s hard to ignore the problems in the relationship. From the inexperienced Chiwa to the playboy Hokuto, their relationship is fraught with troubles. As noted in the review of the fifth volume, Chiwa and Hokuto rarely say what’s on their mind to each other. While this lack of communication makes for great drama in a story, it is not a good model for real life. It fosters distrust within the relationship, causing even more misunderstanding and refusal to open up to each other emotionally. Additionally, Hokuto is emotionally abusive of his wife. He often belittles her, refers her as stupid, and puts his work ahead of her well-being. When frustrated with her, Hokuto physically overpowers Chiwa, leaving her crying and promising to be a better wife to him in the future. As a result, Chiwa believes that the only way to Hokuto’s heart is to be the best possible wife she can be for him.

This cycle leaves Chiwa almost entirely dependent on Hokuto for emotional support and affection. As a reader, the moments when Hokuto finally opens up to Chiwa after pushing her to her limit is heartbreaking. Seeing her smile after doubting her performance as wife is both a relief and a concern. For Chiwa, there is no escape from this relationship; Hokuto has agreed to keep her father out of debt and safe, a feat she is incapable of doing. All she can do is try to make the best out of the situation.

There are still volumes left in the series, time for Hokuto to adjust his abusive ways and be the husband that Chiwa deserves. Ideally, these two should see a marriage counselor.

Enjoji has crafted a story that is addictive and fast, with each volume hinting at the promise that these two people will one day grow into a happy marriage. Yes, there are problems in the relationship. It is frustrating to see these two engage in acts that can be easily avoided. But, in the end, you root for the two to start thinking of each and how they can ultimately depend on one another.

This series is recommended for mature readers.