Kia ora (that’s hi in Maori) my Iggles and Miggles. Hugs all around.

This Iggle is happy for a number of reasons, though, the big one is that I received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, I mean the Diploma in Information and Library Studies course today.

Send encouraging thoughts of academic awesomeness my way if you have some to spare.

Before I get back to the subject at hand I want to say a very big thank you to all those who commented on my last blog post/messaged me about it/read the post. You’re all awesome.

In order to make a mini zine you only really need the following things:
A pen (black is best though blue will work too. Other colours are fine if you are just planning on making one-off zines), a sheet of paper (A4 which is letter sized for the Americans) and scissors (nothing fancy, just ones that can cut paper).
You can also use stickers, clippings/cutouts, photos and anything else you can stick on paper.

Step One
Take your sheet of paper (hold it landscape) and fold it in half (hamburger fold). Unfold and then fold it in half (hotdog fold) and it should look like this:

Step One

Step Two
Now fold each side to the middle like so

Step Two

When you unfold it should look like this:


Step Three
Fold the sheet hot dog fold with the crease at the top:

Step Four

Now grab your scissors and slit the crease from the second to third ‘page’ so it looks like this

Step Five

and then like this

Step Six

Step Four
Now fold it into a book and it should look like this

Step Seven

Step Five

At this stage you are free to go wild and add your writing, drawings and whatever else while it is still folded or this is the layout of the pages when they’re unfolded (useful if you want to make copies)

Step Eight

An example I started working on:



You can find a number of different tutorials online with much more detailed examples of making these mini zines. The beauty of a mini zine is they require little materials, are a cute pocket size and can be made quickly. You could spend an afternoon making some on different topics for all your penpals! Instead of a birthday card you could make a birthday zine for your best pal (full of wonderful memories to make them blush)! Make a mini zine of book recommendations and leave them inside your favourite books at the library or bookstore!

In other zine related news July is International Zine Month and also the 24 Hour Zine Thing (where you make a 24 page zine in 24 hours) so if you’re wanting to explore zines now is a good time to start.

I’ll be attending Auckland Zinefest later in the month and also hope to make a 24 Hour Zine. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do a zine about?

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