This month we’re talking Heroes and Supervillains, so in the spirit of the new Suicide Squad movie, I’m bringing you a makeup look based on one of the most iconic villains of all: The Joker! This is a pretty simple tutorial; The Joker is fairly straight forward. Let’s get started!

I always start with color correcting and concealing, but you can do these in whichever order you normally do them. Find the lightest foundation you can near your own skin tone and use that. Try to make your face as naturally light as you can: this man is a clown after all. This step is impossible for me because I am using the lightest foundation I could find and it still matches my skin.

Joker-Foundation and Primer

Next prime your (laser) eyes. I’m using the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Minor Sin. This is just the best eyeshadow primer I’ve found. After that I took a sparkly black and applied that to my outer corner and blended into my crease.

Joker-Black shadow

Next I took a dark purple and applied that next to the black.

Joker-Purple Shadow

Next I used a pale, pastel kind of green and applied that to the middle of my lid. That gives this look the iconic Joker colors!

Joker-Green Shadow

Last on the eyes (for now) I used my red lip liner and added it to the inner corner. While I had it out I lined my lips too.

Joker-Red Shadow

Joker-Lip liner

When doing my liner, I made the creepiest smile I could and followed the lines of my mouth to make a creepy, clownish smile. This is where you can make it bolder or more subtle if you’d like; you can even skip this step and go to the next one if you want true subtle.

After that I filled it in with bright red lip color.


Back to the eyes. I lined my eyes and winged my liner. If you, too, decide to do this style, make sure your wings are sharp enough to kill the Batman. I also applied a bit of black under my eyes.


Lastly I applied my favorite mascara. Don’t forget setting spray if you have it!


Now go out and kill the Batman!*

What other characters would y’all like to see? I’m planning on doing Harley to go with this Joker!

*Or don’t. It’s your life, you do what you want.