Sometimes a game comes along that is timely and topical, and Mafia 3 provides a way to look back at a difficult period of recent U.S. history that is still impacting us today.

As far as the Mafia series goes, the story lines are to be admired as well as their lack of fear when it comes to addressing issues that many shy away from. Mafia 3 addresses racism at its core, as you enter a world as a black man in the middle of the civil rights movement of the 60’s. As someone who has only experienced the slightest hint of what racism can be, it was a very intriguing game to venture into and explore a part of history that, in reality, people do hide away due to being ashamed of what it was.


The story is set in Florida as you play a man named Lincoln, a man who has recently returned home from Vietnam and is apart of the black mob. Due to his adopted family (the mob) being in trouble with other families and gangs, he decides to stay and help them with their problems. Sadly, this involves getting himself into trouble too. I believe that Mafia 3 could be a very important part of gaming history as a whole due to the honesty it has instilled into the entire process. Walking down the street, you notice the civilians reacting to you according to the racist behaviours of that era, as well as police treating you as less of a person compared to people who are white. It’s an experience that I think everyone should dive into, because despite who you are or your origins, you can either relate to, or understand the discrimination throughout Mafia 3.


The environments are beautiful. What can I say besides that? The layouts of the buildings and roads impress me to no end, as do so many games of this generation. The detail in every little thing you do is fantastic. The houses are so well thought out with the 60’s in mind and, of course, the designers would have had to research what the neighbourhoods actually looked like back then. It’s an art that is extraordinary.


I adore the driving mechanics in Mafia 3. Normally, I’d find it quite dull to be fair. I don’t really enjoy driving in real life so the idea of having to take 10 minutes out of the game to drive somewhere is quite daunting in the likes of GTA and even past Mafia games. However, Mafia 3 has introduced a more realistic form of driving. You have to be a lot more involved with how you drive, as well as learn the rules of the roads, which for people who do not drive in North America, is such a cool little venture; always making sure that I’m driving on the right side, haven’t gone past the speed limit and even looking through the mirror that they provide on the top of the screen for traffic behind you. It’s very immersive and fun.


Overall, I find that Mafia 3 has a lot to offer in terms of story line and game play as well as educational topics. It crosses the line when it comes to taboo subjects, and this is what attracts me most to Mafia 3. The fact that I can learn about an era where so many suffered discrimination and suppression is so amazing. I look forward to playing more of this gem and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn an important lesson on an important part of history.

Have you played any of the Mafia games? What are your thoughts on this game?