On Sunday night, the last episode of Mad Men debuted on AMC. As a huge fan I was sad to see it go, but there’s always Netflix!

A cool fun fact is that AMC’s sister stations blacked out with a message telling viewers to turn to AMC and enjoy the End of an Era. Along with the message was an homage to Don’s season 1 pitch of the Carousel slide projector; the promotional photos from this half of season 7 flashed with the old school clicking noise.

If you enjoyed live tweeting the episodes, you know there was a lot of heated debates, gif making, and intellectual interactions. McCann, a very successful real life advertising firm which features prominently throughout all 7 seasons, joined in the fun during this last season which added a very meta layer to the entire experience. If you’ve seen the entire series and aren’t afraid of being spoiled, check this out (or this).

The finale was a little bit over an hour and touched on all of our main characters. We got closure for Roger, Joan, Peggy, and Pete, while Matthew Weiner left us with more ambiguity for the most mysterious mad man, Don.

Did YOU Enjoy the Finale?

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from Mad Men.

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Conrad Hilton Mad Men Success Motivation Hard work

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Image Sources: Netflix and AMC.com