I don’t know about you, but I loved the Lucifer pilot so much that I watched it three times and was anxiously awaiting the second episode. Lucky for me, and for all of us, it did not disappoint. Lucifer is sexy and witty and just plain good television, and it continues to have an amazing soundtrack. So let’s talk about last night’s episode, “Lucifer, Stay. Good devil.” Shall we?

Of course since it’s the second episode, we’ve got a “previously on” feature which was actually followed by a black title card screen with the following:

In the beginning…The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decided to take a vacation…

The title card cuts to an aerial shot of Los Angeles, before we see Lucifer walking the street. He comes across a street preacher/busker.  The busker claims that the devil walks among us.  Lucifer is pleased until he discovers the preacher is just doing a shtick for money. It is then that we get a flash of Lucifer’s less refined persona. Note to self: Don’t lie to Lucifer. And always believe in what you say.

We then cut to Lucifer having a session with Dr. Linda.  The back and forth between them is highly entertaining, especially when we see those fabulous facial expressions of Rachael Harris proving that Linda spilled something she didn’t mean to because of Lucifer’s abilities. Despite her slight slips, she is actually a very good therapist and clearly getting a lot out of their bargain.

Tweet about Linda Martin during "Lucifer, Stay. Good devil"

Lucifer heads back to Lux where Chloe is trying to be inconspicuous, which is pointless as she discovers when Maze brings her a drink, courtesy of Lucifer. Chloe is trying to understand who he is and he is dumbfounded because he has told her, repeatedly, exactly who he is. She still intrigues him, so when she gets a phone call that clearly moves her, of course he wants to know more. This is where things really start to pick up.

Jeremy Davies in Lucifer episode 1.2, Lucifer, Stay. Good devil.

Chloe shows up at a crime scene, headed up by “Detective Douche” aka her ex, Dan. A movie star’s son is dead because he was driven off the road by paparazzi. Chloe, we learn, has a past with the paparazzi and one photog in particular. And then we see Jeremy Davies playing Nick Hofmeister.

Side note: I pretty much had a heart attack when I saw Jeremy Davies because I got excited thinking maybe he was continued his role as Ritchie Simpson. You remember Ritchie right? He’s one of John Constantine’s friends. I should point out that John Constantine and Lucifer were both part of the Vertigo-verse and did appear in each other’s books. Could we possibly see Matt Ryan reprise his role as John Constantine on Lucifer? We all saw the jump in ratings for his appearance on Arrow. I would LOVE to see him go toe to toe with Tom Ellis’s Lucifer!

But getting back to this episode, Davies is not Ritchie Simpson. He’s just Nick, a paparazzo who regrets some of the decisions he’s made in his career and is clearly confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. Lucifer is so confused that Chloe hates Nick but yet she wants to prove he’s innocent. And thus the mismatched partnership is re-formed as they try to figure out who Nick is covering for.

Their adventure leads them through some entertaining interactions with others (a very cute Trixie, a very scary Maze, and a “spectacularly creepy” unscrupulous paparazzo, among others). Amongst all this, Lucifer is accused/informed that he is changing with his time on earth. Despite his changes, he still gets awfully giddy when talking about punishment. His desire to punish those who deserve it, leads to a standoff of sorts between Nick and the actual criminal (and serves to show us a little bit more about just how scary Mazikeen can be). It also makes Chloe see that Lucifer really isn’t what he appears.

We end the episode with Chloe visiting Jimmy (the despicable man from the pilot) in his cell. Jimmy has seen the devil and is not exactly sane because of it. It will be very interesting to see how Chloe reacts to Lucifer in next week’s episode.

Lucifer is definitely worth watching. There are so many quotable lines in the show (Just one example: “It’s puff, puff, pass. Not puff, puff, stomp angrily.”).  And lots of (lower) learning and entertaining innuendo. I think the Urban Dictionary may get more views with each episode of Lucifer. Also, I highly recommend having some fun and live tweeting when Lucifer airs. Producers, cast, writers, and the official series account all have a lot of fun with others on twitter and share lots of great insight too.

What’d you think of “Lucifer, Stay. Good devil”?