It’s just past the end of the month and that means subscription boxes! For ages now the two of us, Lauren and Lattisha, have gotten Lootcrate. But, with a recent boon in funds and curiosity we decided to expand our horizons with the 1Up box.

Which means we have to compare the two of course. This month’s theme (super villains) complements that well. Lootcrate went for ‘unite’ and 1Up chose ‘sidekicks.’ Who will win the epic battle between the heroic teams and  the feisty helpers? Let’s find out in this month’s riveting episode of LootUp!

Lootcrate May

Above is the Lootcrate box; as usual we have a t-shirt.

Below is 1Up, which also comes with a t-shirt. Both are photographed exactly as they came packed.

1Up May

What we noticed instantly inside the 1Up was the BMO to be loved and adored. Right of the bat Lootcrate was looking at some tough competition.

Shirts! In terms of size and fit, neither box did perfectly with Lauren trying them on. Lootcrate is a tighter fit, but the material feels a lot thinner. Below the first picture is also a close up of the logos right on the front, below the awesome Power Ranger image. Not a deal breaker but distracting.  Also, mostly a short person problem but most of the time Lootcrate shirts run halfway down our thighs.

1Up hands down had the better material, but the high-collar cut is a turn off. The 1Up shirt was also slightly bigger, which is fine since both fit well.

Loot shirt May

LootLogo May

1UpShirt May

What about the actual images on the shirt? Well, that’s a matter of personal preference. Although we will say the pop of color on the Yoshi-BMO-battle shirt is well done. They went for a Tron like scheme which we can get behind. Going into compare the rest of the box it’s hard to say which one has the edge. Barely, we would say 1Up. Ideally both would learn from each other.

First things first, if you’re not an Avengers fan this months Lootcrate is going to be pretty ‘meh.’ We love the Avengers, but three out of eight things was a bit much. Although the ice tray is seriously awesome. The shoelaces and decal are also nice.  Our main protest is that with the theme ‘united’ it’s such a shame that apparently the Avengers are the only team that Lootcrate could think of.  What about the Sailor Scouts? Crystal Gems? Lumberjanes? Team Avatar one or two? Any female dominated team whatsoever?  This is the first Lootcrate we’ve reviewed but we’ve been getting the box for nearly a year now and unfortunately this is a trend- everything is either part of relatively neutral fandoms or male focused, such as Halo. Yes, plenty of girls like Halo but it is pretty male dominated. It would just be a nice touch if more female centric fandoms/items (we’ve gotten a few ties, no rings, bows, earrings, etc.) got thrown a bone once in a while. It’s just a little more egregious this month since it was such a prime opportunity! Rant over, let’s get back to the fun!

The booklet for this month even included a list of the top five teams: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, X-Men, and the Justice League. Only one apparently made it into the box except for Justice League getting a whole four pages in the Mad Magazine. Yes we know Age of Ultron released this month, but that doesn’t mean we don’t judge heavily for theme and variety.

Lootcrate Avengers MayLootcratePins May

Team Fortress 2  pins were welcome and fun. Neither one of us watch Rick and Morty but a 300 piece puzzle is still a cool addition. The Bravest Warriors comic was a cute read.  Exclusive variant covers are always nice and collectable. The Mad Magazine was alright, not our humor but it did have a short comic for The Hobbit and even more Avengers for those interested.

LootcratePuzzle MayLootcrateComics May

Now onto the 1Up box! This one also chose a favorite, in this case Adventure Time. Along with the much loved BMO who got an awesome plushie and half a shirt with Yoshi, there was a cool Jake decal which promptly got slapped on the computer. That’s 2.5 out of 6 for one fandom since we’re doing the math. ⅜ vs. 2.5 /6, for one popular fandom. Again, although we love both, variety!

1UpDecal May1UpJewelry May

Finishing our 1Up experience were some custom Robin dogtags, a simple rubber bracelet and R2D2 themed bag. We would have appreciated more actual sidekick representation but four out of six items actually isn’t that bad. No women at all though, (Kate Bishop, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Hermione, to name a few) which was a bit disheartening. Maybe BMO counts? Headcanon away! We hope continuing 1Up box that isn’t a recurring theme. It’s not really a strike against either box just a wish.

The Robin dog tags are well made and pretty standard for this kind of necklace. The little hands on his hip pose is pretty adorable. Not a huge fan of rubber bracelets but some peeps collect them, and at least it wasn’t a brand or logo. Heart my sidekick is also totes adorbs actually. Again, pretty standard quality for this kind of jewelry. Nothing is going to melt or turn anyone green!

We’d say the bag is above the usual standards for little drawstring bags. Neither one of us are connoisseurs of these things but to us the material seems thicker and stiffer than the freebie bags we’ve gotten at events at least. The corners are also reinforced which bodes well for its lifespan.

1UpBag May
To pick a winner, neither box really overwhelmed us. Except for the BMO plushie, nothing had us super excited. That makes the winner fairly obvious, especially because the 1Up box in our opinion also provided the better shirt. Not that Lootcrate didn’t give quality stuff, the ice cube tray is something we’ve been eyeing at our local comic book shop for a while. For this month, it just came down to the main ‘big items’ which 1Up did better for us. Especially because the two comics and puzzle Lootcrate provided just didn’t interest us, but for others they may make the box. It really comes down to what you like! If you’re not an Adventure Time fan we imagine it would be hard to call it the better box.