Hey Iggles! It’s time for another month of our comparison of two of the most popular nerd boxes out there. This month started off real close with the themes, 1Up went with Arcade in the mostly retro sense. We’ll admit, neither one of us are too enthusiastic about Pac-man or most of the 1980’s so we weren’t particularly excited. Lootcrate chose the theme of Cyber in almost the opposite route which is odd. Normally the two chose suspiciously similar themes for each month.MVC-003L

We’ll start as usual with a comparison of the t-shirts, Lootcrate first.

Tish would like to make sure you all know she IS wearing more than the shirt.

Tish would like to make sure you all know she IS wearing more than the shirt.

The fit: of the two shirts Lootcrate is smaller, especially around the sleeves. The material is also thinner which is nice during the summer but as a special note to the busty: don’t wear a white bra with this. This is also the better shirt for taller Iggles. We are both short so this just meant it looks like neither of us are wearing anything else if we pair this with shorts.

But what’s most important in our opinion is the design. Disclaimer: neither of us really watched the Transformers cartoons or really liked the movies. However, this is still cool and the colors are cybertastic. Most improved, no glaring logo to be seen cluttering up the bottom!


Tish liked the fit of this shirt better and we both liked the pattern for its cuteness, even if once again we’re not familiar with the source material. It’s also shorter in length so although it’s warmer to wear in the heat we’re not distracted by constantly pulling it down.

So between the two both of us like the 1Up shirt just a bit more this month. To keep in mind: Lootcrate runs smaller and taller while 1Up has the sturdier feeling material. A critique for both shirts based entirely on our personal preferences: both shirts are square-cut (semi-unisex) which, although wearable, is never something we would choose ourselves.


This month’s Lootcrate was dominated by Terminator, but not by as terrible a margin as last month which might as well have been named the Avengers Box. There are three main items, debatebly this skull being the ‘star’ of the box.


It’s a lot lighter than it looks with a nice amount of detail. Much like the keychain we received, although for a while we were sure it was actually a flash drive. It would have been an even cooler flash drive!


What really got a lot of love from us was the Borderlands mousepad. It’s colorful, features the awesome assassin named Zer0, and is huge. The second picture is with an awesome paperback book everyone should read for scale. We’ve used it since we opened the box and so far it’s great. Mouse doesn’t get stuck, perfectly cushy, and no sliding around.


The third main item was two posters, each the same image, from Battlestar Galactica. The envelope they came in was a nice touch and, although not giant, these are far from mini-posters meant to be crammed into lockers. We’re not sure why exactly they decided to give two copies of the same poster though- we don’t really need two.


Finishing up Lootcrate is a patch, button, and zip-up bag made of supposedly glow in the dark material. The pattern is really cool and the wire parts have a different texture than the background. It also isn’t poorly made but we debate the glow in the dark feature. Supposedly you expose the bag to light in order to charge it, but after many hours exposed to the the bright light of an insufferable heat wave and taking turns being shut in a closet, neither one of us can say it really glows. Instead we either suffered strained eyesight or the very spottiest bits shined intermittently on the bottom edges.


1Up was an odd box this month. Really, no big or main items outside the shirt. Instead we were given a variety of smaller things. One possible exception would be the Pac-man tin of candies. The tin is very sturdy and even more detailed. As a nice bonus the candy is shaped like our favorite yellow protagonist (can our Iggles name more?) and actually tastes good. It was very hard for us to open though!


Everything else also fit well with the retro-Arcade theme. A Street Fighter bauble-head and 8-bit alien lanyard, both alright but unlikely to survive a garage sale purge. Maybe if we had gotten the Chun Li bauble things would be different. The Spider-man zipper pull was also alright and in our quest to deck out our computer the arcade sticker is actually awesome. Especially because it’s thick yet still very adhesive with that smooth, kind of soft texture.


That’s a wrap. Not going to sugar coat it, these were both very meh boxes for us. Take that with a grain of salt though, plenty of people are calling the Cyber Lootcrate the best of the year so far. As always your mileage will carry a lot on these sub boxes depending on what your interests are. This month it just happened that neither really catered to what we liked! Our favorite Lootcrate item was the Borderlands mouse pad and from 1Up we’ll give it to the candy. T-shirt is going to 1Up in a pretty narrow victory- DDR Street Fighter mash up is more adorable and Lauren likes the length more. We’re not sure if there is a box winner this month.

To do the math: 1Up got the t-shirt. Variety goes to 1Up by a narrow margin or even a technicality. Favorite item: Lauren would choose the Lootcrate mouse pad and Tish the 1Up shirt for it’s cute factor. So maybe 1Up is the better box? But neither one of us would say that for sure because we much prefer the Lootcrate approach of a couple bigger things over more little things.

Ongoing Score:

May: 1Up

June: Tie

Next month’s theme is pretty exciting for us as comic and games fans. For 1Up it’s Justice with an emphasis on DC Comics and Lootcrate is doing Heroes 2. Considering how well regarded Heroes 1 is, 1Up is going to have a tough round if Lootcrate can bring the magic again.