Hello, iggles! This month’s boxes are in for an epic battle. Right away 1Up has some fierce competition with their Justice theme because Lootcrate made the move to do a sequel to their very popular Heroes box. But this can all backfire since using Hero again means Lootcrate has to do better than 1Up and themselves. Let’s get to it!



Wow, right off the bat you can see Lootcrate is twice the size of the 1Up box. You can’t tell from the photo, but it’s also quite a bit heavier, and even compared to previous boxes this one is big. It’s what’s inside that counts though. First up is shirts, as usual…mostly.

Normally Lootcrate goes first, but this time it’s 1Up! This is a fun mach up between Power Rangers (or Super Sentai) and Mario, Luigi and Peach. It’s bright, and fits exceptionally well this month. We’re not sure if they did something different or if we’ve just grown used to their style, but this month’s 1Up shirt seemed comfier. Take that as you will, we were also too lazy to track down previous shirts and confirm.  Most of them are in the overflowing laundry bin anyways.

And that’s it for shirts! Iggles, we were equally shocked, but Lootcrate elected not to send a shirt this month! A bold move; let’s see if it pays off. After all, for us even if the box is underwhelming the shirt always justifies the price. Plus a Heroes shirt would have been cool! Enough delay tactics, let’s pry open Lootcrate.

Right away, we can all see the big Batman thing, yes? It is very large and hard to miss. Next door we have a Zelda sweat band a dark thing, and and behind it all a tube. Looks promising! First, we have to get our hands on the Batman figure.


First we just took it out of the crate. We couldn’t tell much from the box but once we opened it up it became pretty self explanatory and we set up the little scene to the right. The base is a nice touch, without is Batman wouldn’t be able to stand. The flag is kind of wobbly but as long as it’s set it should be fine. The ink is from a little dry dry erase pen they include. All in all, very cute!


We’ve got some representation for Legend of Zelda, Star Trek, and a free to play platform-fighting game called Brawlhalla above. The sweat band is nice and soft, and luckily for our bony wrists is a snug fit. The air freshener is awesome not just because it smells nice, but because we’ve made a fun game of identifying other Lootcrate subscribers when we see the last one they sent of Captain America’s shield.


To the right is some more Batman love. Explaining a lot of the extra weight, this multi-tool is a sturdy metal that from our tests is fully functional. We also enjoyed throwing it at each other and pretending it’s an actual Batarang; it’s not entirely accurate because of the key-chain attachment but still quite fun.

But wait, there’s more! It’s starting to become understandable why we didn’t get a t-shirt this month. Aside from more big items, even with the larger box it would have been quite crowded. Sticking with DC, we get some Wonder Woman representation.

This is artwork from the DC Bombshells series based on pinup girl art (and entirely tasteful). Along with some very nice artwork, this is going to be an actual comic series with premiering this August with Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and Supergirl. Written and drawn by by Marguerite Sauvage, we’re going to have to check out the first issue based on her website which shows some very lovely and unique drawing skills. The poster itself is about two paperbacks tall and plenty sturdy. It’s nice to see Wonder Woman with a happy expression; normally she looks quite dour and/or fierce.


Lastly but far from least: a book! They know us so well, these Lootcrate folks. We somehow missed this when opening the box since it was at the very bottom so it was a nice surprise. It’s a coffee-table trivia book but goes into a lot of detail. Given it isn’t very long, it can be read through with just a few skimming sessions or easily shown off to friends. We liked reading about Lady Satan in particular.


From a quick go through it seems about 95% percent of the heroes listed are from the early decades of comics. People where quirky back then. Plus there was the Comics Codes Authority… Lauren may be using this as a teaching tool for the history of comic censorship. That college English paper will not go to waste!

Whew, so going into the 1Up box it’s just as we predicted: Lootcrate has succeed at living up to its Hero predecessor despite the lack of shirt (which we’re going to let go of).


This is the first impression from 1Up! We can see the previously discussed shirt, a Robin wind up, a Leonardo plush thing, and some Bat looking glasses? Let’s take a look at Robin first and see if we can figure out which one it is.


Aw. IT’S SO CUTE! We love you, even if we’re 90% sure you’re Damian. We’re saying that because of the hair. Really, they all look the same so it can be whichever one you want! Was Damian part of Justice League?  Wait, what about the other Robins? I’ll Google it later.


Back on track! Whatever Robin he is, he is adorable, small and winds up like a boss.  He shuffles his little android feet and makes a sweet little windy noise.  We received a side kick, but 1Up subscribers were randomly sent 1 out of 7 Justice League Heroes- Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman.


All the little things together. We’re pretty happy with Leo but once again it was random selection, this time between any of the four turtles. The Princess 007 magnet is a cutie! 1Up’s other theme this month was adorable. I like mash ups and this is one I never would have thought of. One of these needs to do something awesome for the next James Bond movie, Specter. We can pretty much call December having some Star Wars stuff. The tattoos are, as far as we can tell, good. We like the designs and can admit with dignity that nerdy stick on tattoos are perfect for bikini season!

One more fun item!


Oh yeah. These huge Batman glasses are very comfy despite their large size. They block out the sun like a boss, as sunglasses are supposed to do. They are also crazy reflective! Like Batman’s cowl, you too can hide the expressiveness in your eyes.  Lauren is are brilliant model, and if you look closely you can see what she’s trying not to laugh at- Tish trying not to be reflected in the glasses and take a  photo! See, Tish likes to do unboxing in her pajamas. Not cute ones either. So the glasses also have the devastating power to make your enemies face how unkempt they look! Laughter is another side effect.

With that, we are done! For once we didn’t have a hard time picking a winner. See, while the 1Up had a shirt, 3 out of six items we put in one photo as little things. We loved the wind up, and the glasses are a lot of fun, but Lootcrate had some big items! We loved the book, multi tool Batarang, poster and Batman figure. Out of seven things, three were big items, maybe four if you include the small poster. We were skeptical about the Lootcrate being the best without a shirt, but they pulled it off! Of course, if you disagree we’d love to hear why! Did you think this Heroes crate was better then the last one?

Ongoing Score:

  • May: 1Up
  • June: Tie
  • July: Lootcrate

Next month Lootcrate is doing another sequel! This time it’s Villains 2. Seeing how well this re-do went, we’re pretty pumped Iggles! Villains might have been even better than Heroes last time so it’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up in August. 1Up is going for the rather vague Combat theme. Villains had a definite comics slant like Heroes did, but from what we can tell Combat is going to be more about movies and vidya games. It’ll be fun to see how they do with themes not so directly similar! See you guys next month.