Last month I decided to purchase Loot Crate. The theme was “Versus” and with all of the movies with our favorite superheroes facing off against each other coming out I knew I had to have it. On top of getting the core crate, Loot Crate was kind enough to send me their Level Up subscription so I could share the awesome contents with you fine folks.

For those that don’t know, Level Up is Loot Crate’s wearable subscription service; you can choose from either a men’s or women’s wearable item, accessories or just grab some socks that fall in with the theme of the core crate. If you like what you see and you are thinking of getting your hands on some exclusive goodies click on this link to save $5 on your first subscription.

As per usual I requested my shirts in a size medium and the fit was super soft and just right. The Daredevil beanie was a light loose fit, which is awesome for this somewhat spring weather happening in NYC. It isn’t so tight that it flattens down my hair, nor does it fly off in the wind. This month’s pin was pretty hefty and amazing, though that only applies if you like Alien or Predator. Upon further research I found out I ended up with the limited gold version-woot! For folks that aren’t aware every aspect of LC, from the box to the zine included, gets you some sort of exclusive content. Each box comes with a pin that you can use to redeem extra goodies, just go to in order to see what you got that month.

Be sure to stick around, I have a feeling that sometime soon one lucky viewer will be walking away with their own geeky goods.

And as with any review, tell me what you think. What are you looking forward to in LC’s April “Quest” box?