Whenever I get a new pen pal, I make it a common practice to include with my letter an extra sheet of paper. It’s always blank (although I might decorate it with stickers or washi tape), and as a postscript to my letter I always say, “Enclosed is a blank sheet of paper. Please write on it ten random facts about yourself and send it back to me with your next letter.” (The other question I always ask in my first letter is when their birthday is.)

This has worked out quite well, I feel, as it gives me another opportunity to learn something about a pen pal that might not come up in normal conversation. I’ve learned, for example, that one pen pal is an avid baseball fan (so am I!) and that another really loves Nicholas Sparks’s books.

Any chance that you get to learn about your pen pal is good, in my opinion. It offers some insight, and even if you know nothing about one of their interests,  it’s always a question you can ask later.

In her last letter, one of my pen pals sent me two sheets of paper to fill out. Both are for her own records, but one is more for organization and the other (pictured above) was just for the fun of learning more. So I borrowed this idea from her (forgive me, girl) and developed a form of my own.

The form I developed because I liked Annie's so much.

The form I developed because I liked Annie’s so much.

If you have nice handwriting, you don’t really need a computer. I didn’t have any prettier paper, so I had to use the last sheet of yellow printer paper we had.

If you ever create one of these yourself (or maybe you already do this), just remember that the sky is the limit! Ask who their top 5 candidates for the Iron Throne are. Ask the top 5 books on their to-read list.  Who are their favorite ships from 5 different TV shows? If you aren’t sure what to ask, the IGGPPC has had some good questions in their daily Twitter polls!

I’m going to close with this: Ask what you want, decorate it how you want. This is a chance for you to learn about your pen pal and hopefully for them to learn about you!