This month I had the pleasure of attending Wizard World Philadelphia and boy was it interesting! Wizard World is a convention that travels all across the states giving so many people the opportunity to meet their favorite actors and artists. You get to meet stars from shows and movies like The Walking Dead, Back To The Future, Jessica Jones, Dr. Who and many more. Come walk through Wizard World Philadelphia!

VIP Passes and General Info

Like most conventions, Wizard World spans a weekend, sometimes starting on a Thursday, giving folks the chance to attend at least one day. When I heard that the cast of Civil War would be attending I decided that what better gift can I can give myself other than a VIP pass? The entire ticket process only took about a minute, though that may be because I wanted to make sure that I would definitely get a Sebastian Stan pass.


Wizard World allows you to purchase your tickets in different tiers, which is freaking awesome. You can commit to a weekend pass if you are all about that convention life or simply purchase a single day ticket. For folks like myself there is also the option of purchasing a VIP pass; the VIP pass not only allows you entrance to the convention for the entire weekend, but entry for children (if you’ve got em) so long as they are 10 years old or younger. Along with regular admission you are given a guaranteed entrance for one panel that that particular person is featured in, one autograph ticket and one photo op.

Depending on how much money you are throwing down already, it may be cheaper to forgo a VIP pass unless those prices alone already exceed the ticket price. Since I was using the excuse of my birthday I was fine with dropping $300 to meet Sebastian Stan (known for his role as the Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time and as the Winter Soldier AKA Bucky Barnes in Civil War).

I got to Philly Thursday afternoon and went straight to the convention center to pick up my pass and scope out the layout so I knew where to go throughout the weekend. As someone who has attended New York City Comic Con before I was expecting way more lines. Grabbing my passes was a quick 1-2-3. Sadly, this is the only short line I was on the entire weekend.

Friday at Wizard World

It’s Friday! I had already had a tentative schedule in mind, using Friday as the day to walk around take pictures, buy lightly (I failed) and just soak up the convention itself. This was also the only day that I appeared in costume.


Go Team Captain America! Go!


Saturday and Panels

This was the main day that I bought my VIP pass for, this day started at 7 am. I didn’t know 7 am existed. Got to the convention center at 9 am and the panel was starting at 10 am. For panels there are two separate lines, one for VIP and one for general admission. The VIP line had already wrapped around 3 times by the time I waltzed in. Luckily the convention center was huge and seating everyone was no problem. I even ended up having extra seats to myself. As awesome and funny as the panel was it sucked that I had to rush over to the main hall because timing was a lil tight (5 minutes later my photo op for Stan started).

More lines!

The photo op line wasn’t too bad, everything was constantly moving which was nice. I ended up meeting the sweetest freaking cosplayers ever, they were dressed as Pre-War Steve and Bucky. I would like to take this time to fan girl, please excuse me. Oh my gawd! Sebastian Stan is so sweet, he loved my hair and he is way taller in person and I was so damn nervous, even though theoretically I know actors are regular people that just make more than I do. But, OH MY GAWD SEBASTIAN FREAKING STAN IS A GOOD HUGGER. Now, let’s get back on track. 

Pre-War/Serum Steve and Bucky Cosplayers

Pre-War/Serum Bucky and Steve Cosplayers

Since I had a VIP pass I still had an autograph op left, this was where things kinda went to hell in a hand basket for me. Way when ago I messed up my leg and it makes standing for long periods of time not so fun. I had to wait on line for 3 hours because Wizard World did not think their planning all the way through, there were many over laps of photos and autographs and it made everything run over. Not to mention the guest had to work double time (which is appreciated), but tiring. By the end of the autograph op I was over it. I left right after and couldn’t wait for the convention to be over.

Sunday Shopping

Sunday was all about shopping! I got a ton of prints from so many talented artist and I bought two bows from this wonderful booth that was representing a Queer Collective from out of state called Queers Play. They were so sweet and welcoming, I ended up at this booth at least once everyday that I was there.

4916_Edited_160603 (1)

To grab your own bow and other fabulous accessories click >>here<<


Yes, I am wearing two different bows and yes you should buy one too!


These are just some of the goodies that needed to come back with me from Philadelphia, I’m all about supporting local artist which means I got a lot more than pictured here (which is great for you because that means another giveaway!). Wizard World has amazing potential to not suck, if you plan on attending make sure you have enough time in between all the things you want to do so you can take care of yourself and enjoy everything around you.

Final Notes

Should you plan on leaving right after the convention give yourself some time before your plane or bus leaves just in case some stuff runs over. I have heard so many accounts of people missing either their bus or op because timing wasn’t on anyone’s side. As for whether or not I plan to attend again, the line up would need to be epic (much like this one, at least for me) in order to have me go back to Philly. If not, I’ll just stick to good ol somewhat more organized New York City Comic Con.

What conventions are you planning to attend this year? I’ll be at Flame Con in August, hope to see some of you there!

Til next time!