I’ve been rewatching Game of Thrones to prepare for Season 6. This past month I tackled Season 2. Once again, I noticed completely different things on my second viewing. Let’s dive in and see what stood out this time around. Note: Because these reactions are a sort of “looking back but knowing what I know now” there will inevitably be spoilers. Proceed with caution.

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General Observations:

Right away I noticed that Season 2 was a lot gorier than Season 1. Between all the battles taking place, plus The Tickler at Harrenhall, it seemed like every single episode had at least a few extremely gory deaths.  It also seemed like Season 2 had a lot more nudity than season 1. Like A LOT more. During my season 1 re-watch, I thought “ok this seems like more than Season 5, but not like a ton”, however Season 2 seemed like nothing but blood and boobs.

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The more people you love the weaker you are, and I love EVERYONE:

There were so many amazing character moments this season:

  • I loved re-watching the scenes with Arya and Tywin and seeing those two actors play off of one another. I wish those two characters had the chance to meet again in later seasons with Arya in a more powerful position.
  • Varys and Tyrion are possibly the two smartest people in Westeros. In Season 5, we got to see a lot of these two incredibly clever characters interact, but this is the first season in which they get to do so; they don’t trust each other yet. They admire each other very much and they wish that they could trust each other, and it is so fun to watch them build the foundation of their relationship knowing how closely they will end up working together.
  • This season is when Arya meets Jaqen H’ghar for the first time. I love that character, so I was happy to see him. This season also planted the seed for Arya’s eventual trip to The House of Black and White, and I’m looking forward to re-watching the rest of her journey.
  • I love re-watching Joffrey! It is such a great performance, and the actor embodies that character so perfectly. I’ve been paying a lot more attention to his costumes on this viewing. The fabric he wears is so opulent, especially compared to the plain fabrics that Sansa wears. Cersei wears costumes with very intricate embroidery but many of her costumes still seem lighter than the heavy fabrics Joffrey wears.
  • I had forgotten how much I loved Gendry. I think he and Arya are so cute together. I know there was a lot of shipping going on with the two of them when this season orginaly aired, but I always thought that they were looking out for each other in kind of a brotherly/sisterly way. The scene where she tells him that she is a girl is adorable. In the books, Arya thinks of Gendry as part of her “pack” which I think just means that she thinks of him as her family.
  • Sansa and Cersei have a really amazing exchange during the Battle of Blackwater. Drunk Cersei is certainly fun to watch. And speaking of that, the entire Battle of Blackwater is the best! What an amazing episode! It sort of set the tone for future seasons, too, with the big battle happening in episode 9.
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Things I didn’t like:

  • I really don’t like Theon and I had forgotten how much I hated him in this season. With him going back to the Iron Islands and then taking Winterfell, I do not like the Greyjoys at all and didn’t enjoy watching those parts of the show.
  • Jon Snow’s plot in this stretch is honestly kind of boring. For a lot of the season, the Watch is wandering around beyond the Wall, and once Ygritte gets captured and then captures Jon, a lot of his scenes are just flirting, It was interesting to look back at how dull it was, because now Jon is one of my favorite characters, but he definitely wasn’t always.
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Hindsight is 20/20:

  • Seeing characters make mistakes I knew would come back to bite them was so frustrating! Brienne is frustrating because of her stubbornness. Catelyn is frustrating because quite frankly she is the worst politician ever. Robb Stark and his stupid heart and his stupid feelings are frustrating because now he is going to die… Guys, I love the Starks but they really do make some stupid decisions!
  • Seeing the Boltons on the side of the Starks is weird, as I’m so used to hating them. This is also true with Stannis. The first time I watched this season, I felt pity for Stannis when he fails. Now I don’t and instead I feel pity for Davos because I know that he will watch his hero become someone that he hates. I don’t feel sorry for Stannis in the slightest.
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Things that get lost in the shuffle, and that I forget!

  • Bronn continues to be a joy in every scene he has.
  • Bran’s Lord of Winterfell lessons made me a little sad! He would be such a good lord of the castle. Hopefully he will eventually be Lord of the North if the responsibility doesn’t go to Sansa.
  • I love Dany’s Dothraki outfit. It’s probably my favorite Dany costume because I like the pants. I knew this was the season where she lost her dragons, but I forgot how many times she asked where they were. Wow. She certainly has come a long way in her negotiation skills.

And the award for best line goes to:

  • Tyrion: “You love your children. It’s your one redeeming quality; that and your cheekbones.”