12 years ago, World of Warcraft entered the arena of MMO’s. 12 years in – and boasting more than 5 million subscribers – the game is still going strong. Regularly adding new content is a big part of Blizzard’s winning strategy, but it can be difficult to keep the original players interested and coming back for more. Will the Legion expansion achieve what past expansions have failed to?

About Legion

With Legion, Blizzard will increase the level cap to 110, and is introducing a new class: Demon Hunters. Starting at level 98, Demon Hunters are put back into somewhat familiar territory with Illidian, and their journey will see a return of some pre-Burning Crusade characters. This is round three with the Burning Legion, and it looks like they have some new tricks up their sleeves with the invasion attempt.

Also introduced with the latest expansion is world-scaling, reducing the need to hunt down the appropriate zones for your character. This applies to the Broken Isles content as well as the pre-launch invasions going on around Azeroth. Players see the invading armies as appropriate to their level, regardless of whether a level 15 player or a level 100 player is nearby and part of battling back the Legion. Invasions are also a great way to quickly level up your characters, with players gaining multiple levels per invasion sequence.

What to expect:

  • New class: Demon Hunter (available with the purchase of Legion, playable pre-release)
  • Legendary quest lines for each class spec. Yep, you read that right. That means mages have 3 potential Legendary weapons, Druids have four, and so on.
  • Class Order Halls: Adding a storyline specific to your class, as well as implementing the new follower system. The new followers will be specific to each class, and will contain many names you’ll recognize from the history of the game.
  • Removed stat bonuses on entering PvP arenas in the hope of removing the barrier for entry-level PvP’ers.
  • Live streaming, enabling you to “share your most epic moments with your friends” on social media.

Check out the cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft: Legion.


Not quite enough to convince you to give it a try? Check out one more launch teaser trailer Blizzard released today:

Legion is scheduled to release at Midnight PDT August 30th, 2016.

Will you be playing for the Horde or the Alliance? If you want to share your Battletag with us, head on over to the forums!

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