Hi everybody! It’s time for another craft post from yours truly. Massive apologies for missing last month: August was a humdinger! I can’t get my head around the fact that it’s been two months since my last post…. it feels like two weeks!

This month, I’m going for a space theme. Just a couple of days ago, it was announced that Voyager 1 has begun it’s journey into interstellar space, so it feels appropriate. Let’s get started!

what you'll need

You’ll need:

1. A spray bottle filled with watered down bleach.
2. A paint brush (or if you can’t find one, your boyfriend’s toothbrush. I’ll buy him a new one).
3. A black t-shirt or dress that you don’t mind painting all over.
4. Fabric paints (white, blue and yellow work best for this project).
5. And a sponge, which isn’t pictured. Because I forgot. Because I haven’t had caffeine yet.

First of all, we’re going to take our spray bottle and spray the watered down bleach over our black t-shirt. It’ll take a while for the bleach to show up, so don’t go crazy – take your time with it. Obviously, make sure your t-shirt is on top of something that you don’t mind ruining (leopard print blanket is not recommended. This was used purely to make my pictures look prettier).

Space tshirt 010

Try to make sure your t-shirt is flat as possible to avoid things like this…. *slaps forehead*

Space tshirt 012

Give it a wash at this point, and leave to air-dry (or stick it in front of an electric radiator and shout at it until it dries, if you’re writing this tutorial).

Once it’s dry, grab your fabric paint and your paint/toothbrush, get a good amount of paint on there, and flick the bristles over your t-shirt to make some pretty stars. Make sure you flick the right way…. *looks down at ruined pyjama top*.

Space tshirt 016Space tshirt 018

Use different colours to mix it up a little, and it’s okay if a big blog of paint lands on your t-shirt – in fact, give it a smudge and it’ll look like a comet!

Now let’s make some nebulae. Get some paint on your sponge and dab it on to make it look like clouds.

Space tshirt 023Space tshirt 026

Let it dry for around 12 hours (or whatever the instructions are on the fabric paint you used), and give it another wash. And that’s it! How easy was that?!


You can also use stencils to make even cooler t-shirts. Here’s a Star Trek one I made a few months ago:

star trek tshirt

I hope you enjoyed this month’s craft! If you decide to give it a go, remember to let me know here or on Twitter (@larabob).

L x