Hello everyone! Welcome to my third IGGPPC craft tutorial. I want to give a quick shout out to @Salaphina for showing me her wonderful versions of my spell book necklace – you are awesome!

This month, we’re heading off into the Star Trek universe and making adorable Tribbles! Last months tutorial was a bit tricky, but the first tribble we’ll be making is so easy to do. The second, round tribble is a little more difficult, but still pretty straightforward. It’s the perfect excuse to get your sewing machine out for the first time if, like me, you spent the first year or so of owning one being too scared to even touch it (just me? Damn.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

iggppc 106iggppc 114

1. Furry fabric. Easily found in craft stores, fabric stores, or online (eBay is good)
2. Templates, found here and here.
3. Scissors.
4. Pen.
5. Toy stuffing, again found easily at craft stores or online.
6. A sewing machine. Don’t worry if you don’t have one – it’ll take a bit longer, but you can stitch by hand.
7. Needle and thread.

Let’s go!

First of all, we’re going to make the slightly easier version of the tribble. Take your first template, and draw around it twice on the wrong side of your furry fabric. Cut them out, making sure you don’t cut on the line – we’re going to use this as a guide when we’re sewing.

iggppc 109iggppc 115

Now, put your two pieces of fabric together, making sure the fur is on the inside. Now, sew! If you’re a complete sewing machine noob, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that you can use to help you out.

iggppc 120

You can use pins to keep your fabric pieces together while you go. Leave one of the straight edges open, so we can turn it the right way when we’re done.

It should look like this!

iggppc 122

Now, turn it inside out (or outside in?). Take your toy stuffing and stuff your tribble, making it as cuddly as you want. Now, take your needle and thread and sew up the hole. Use a ladder stitch for this: this is a good tutorial. The fur can make it a bit tricky to see what you’re doing, but the good thing about it is, your stitching doesn’t have to be perfect because the fur will hide it. Just make sure you don’t leave any holes.

One done! Now onto the slightly more tricky, round tribble!

As before, use the template to draw around on your fabric, but this time we need five.

iggppc 112iggppc 118

Take two of your fabric pieces, and this time just sew down one side, making sure you leave a little gap at the bottom.

iggppc 129

Take a third piece, and sew it into one of the pieces that has already been sewn together, again just down the one side. Keep going until all five pieces are sewn on, making sure the fur is always on the wrong side. It should look a little like this.

iggppc 131 (1)

Using the same technique, sew the two end sides together. Now all the pieces should be connecting, and you should have a hole at the bottom, which will allow you to turn it the right way round.

iggppc 133

Again, stuff your tribble, and stitch up the hole. This is a bit tricky – I used ladder stitches along each of the sides, then closed up the little hole left at the end with a couple more.

iggppc 142iggppc 148

And that’s it! You can use different coloured fur, and different sizes of the templates to make bigger and smaller tribbles.

I really hope you all like this one. Again, if anyone tries it out, please let me know here, or on Twitter (@larabob) and show it off!

Live long and prosper.

L x