Hello all!

Before we start, I’d just like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everybody. I was pretty overwhelmed by all the lovely comments after my Chewbacca felt badge tutorial last month, and was so excited that some of you guys actually tried it, or will be trying it soon! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

And this month, I’ll be showing you how you can make a spell book necklace! … Look, don’t be put off okay? I know it looks hard, and yes, it probably isn’t a tutorial for beginners. But it’s honestly much easier than it looks. And it looks damn pretty right?

To save space, I’m going to assume you all know how to sew, knot thread, and open/close jump rings. If you don’t, here are some useful links 🙂

How to open and close jump rings
How to sew
How to finish sewing with a knot (the green one is best for this tutorial)

Okay – so here’s all the stuff you’ll need!


1 – Paper
2 – Strip of leather. You can buy scraps on eBay, or if you have something lying around you don’t mind cutting up, then go ahead and recycle it! I cut up an old notebook I bought years ago for a few £. Don’t go cutting up anything fancy though guys… I don’t want to get in trouble if you ruin your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/parent’s leather jacket.
3 – Scissors
4 – Strong glue
5 – Pen and pencil
6 – Jewellery pliers
7 – Ruler
8 – Needle and thread. Try to pick a colour of thread that goes nicely with the colour of your leather.
9 – Chain
10 – Suede cord (optional)
11 – Jump rings
12 – Eye pin (optional)
13 – Lobster clasp
14 – Tiny glass bottle (optional). Should be easy to find on Etsy or eBay.

So, let’s get started!

The first thing we’re going to do is cut up our leather and paper. We want our leather strip to be 4.5cm wide, but the length doesn’t matter much – just make sure it’s longer than 7cm. It’ll be too big, but we can trim it down later. We also need 12 pieces of paper, measuring 4cm x 6.5cm. This is optional, but I think the necklace looks even better if the paper looks aged (there’s a few tutorials here – how to make paper look older – but I’m sure we all remember how to do it from when we were a kid right?).


Now take three pieces of the paper, and fold them in half together. Do this with the rest of the paper, and you should have 4 little booklets.

PicMonkey Collage1

Now we’re going to sew the paper to the leather, to make a tiny little notebook! This probably looks more tricky than it actually is, so don’t be put off! It’s pretty simple sewing – just read the instructions a few times first to make sure it’s clear.

Thread your needle (you’ll need quite a long piece of thread to make sure you don’t run out halfway through), and take one of your little paper booklets. Push the needle through from the BACK of the booklet – at the top, but leaving a little space.


Place the booklet on top of your leather strip, lining it up and making sure there won’t be any pages hanging out when it’s closed. Then, push your needle through the paper (on the crease) and leather, roughly where the arrow is pointing in the next picture, trying not to move the paper. Takes a bit of practice!


Pull your thread quite tightly, then push the needle through the top of the leather, trying to line it up with where the thread is already through the paper.


Go through the bottom hole again, to make it secure. However, when you’re going through the top hole this time, you’re only going to go through the leather, NOT the paper (fold it over to make this bit easier for you). This picture will hopefully make it more clear – sorry about the rubbish quality, this was pretty hard to photograph by myself!


Pull the thread gently until it’s tight and the paper is definitely secure. Now, we’re going to take our second little paper booklet, and do that all again. Keeping the first booklet folded over, line the second booklet up with it – you want the creases of the booklets to be together. Now just repeat the above – going through JUST the paper first at the top, then through the leather and paper at the bottom, then leather and paper at the top, then leather and paper at the bottom, then JUST the leather at the top, folding the paper over… phew! Then add your third paper booklet, repeat, and again for the fourth.


Now, you should have 4 little booklets of paper stitched to your leather, with your thread hanging from between the leather and paper at the top. We’re going to secure the thread by knotting it where the arrow is pointing in the next picture (again, sorry about the quality!).


Cut the thread, and trim the excess leather, and that’s the booklet done!

PicMonkey Collage2

Now, get your needle again, and pierce a hole in the top of the leather on the crease – but not too near the top, we don’t want it to tear! Open a jump ring, push it through the hole, then close it again.

PicMonkey Collage3

Okay, nearly done now! This bit is optional, but I think it’s really cute to have a little mana potion on the necklace as well!


I bought these little glass bottles ages ago, but couldn’t to find a use for them until now! It’s up to you what you fill your bottle with – you could use blue glitter, blue resin if you want it solid, blue nail polish… I experimented with PVA glue dyed with food colouring (on the left) and blue soap (on the right). I think you’ll all agree that the soap looks MUCH better! (EDIT – As time went on, the soap made the cork a bit mouldy… so while it does look much nicer, I wouldn’t recommend using it)


It was pretty difficult to get the soap into the tiny little bottle – just take your time and be very patient. Dab a little bit of strong glue around the cork before you push it back into the bottle, then twist an eye pin into the top. Attach it to your spell book with another jump ring!

PicMonkey Collage4

Take a piece of your paper from earlier, write ‘Spells’ (or whatever you want!) on it, and glue it to the front of your book. If you want your book to stay closed while you’re wearing it, tie it closed with a piece of cord.


And now all you need to do is attach your chain! Make it as long or as short as you prefer. Add a jump ring at each end of your chain, with a lobster clasp on one side, and that’s it!!



– Use antique bronze chain/jump rings/clasp/eye pin to make it look more old!
– Instead of blue, put something red in your bottle to make a health potion!
– Add whatever you want to your book cover: the title of your favourite book, a picture, stickers, etc!


I REALLY hope you all enjoyed this one – I’ve been really excited to post it! If something isn’t clear, just let me know and I’ll do my best to explain it better! Again, if you decide to try it out, please leave me a picture here or on Twitter (@larabob)!

Until next time my fellow geeklings!

L x