In the spirit of the month of love, as well as our theme this month, I decided to try out a new genre this week. Kiss of Revenge was an Otome game I found in the Apple app store that is currently being translated to English from Japanese in seasons. The Otome genre consists of games where you choose a path which generally involves picking a love interest and trying to woo them in a point and click story driven game. Kiss of Revenge was one of these games that is themed around the medical field where you are a doctor trying to get revenge for the wrongful death of your mother 10 years ago.

Kiss of Revenge is more of a beginner version of dating sims. The story pulls you in and makes you want to play through it while not over complicating things like some Japanese visual novels do. In tradition, these types of games are actually incredibly expensive but the app is a series of small transactions for each season that comes out totaling about 15 USD with plenty of content. So this is a great way to jump in to the series since you can choose to just pay 3.99 USD for the basic story and skip the extra.


You start out as a women who changed her name and studied to become a doctor in order to expose the hospital her mother died in. The hospital messed up a simple surgery and swept it under the rug in order to flourish and become one of the best hospitals in Japan.  There you meet four young men to choose a path with and set out to get revenge on the hospital director who killed your mother. From here you set out on an emotional journey to get revenge or fall in love along the way if you so choose. As the story unfolds there are obvious, as well as not so obvious, twists that will keep you guessing.

There are 4 characters to choose from in Kiss of Revenge. The first of the four characters, Issei Sezaki, is one of Japan’s top surgeons and the hospital director’s son. Next is your childhood best friend, Junpei Miyashita, who works selling medical supplies to your work. Soichiro Irio is a fellow surgeon who is very kind but seems to be loyal to the director. Last is Kyosuke Narumi who works in internal medicine and is the most flirtatious of the bunch towards you. There are also two nurses, the Head Nurse and Nurse Akako who support you through the game, whether in a surgery or with love advice.


The game will take you about 3 hours to complete in all without the add-ons. There are currently 3 add-ons as well as an epilogue you can purchase for cheap to enhance your story. The music is also very fitting and nice even though there are few songs; they don’t get tiring. The controls also only require you to touch the screen to switch pages and choose answers so it can be played with very little effort . The art is also the normal Japanese style for visual novels and everything looks hand drawn and is very visually appealing. There is also an option for a second path you can purchase just in case you don’t like the way the story is going.

So who is this game for? I  would say it’s definitely targeted towards women more than men for this title and it shows, but a story can be enjoyed by anyone. I would suggest it to visual novel fans or people who like to read short romance novels. It also could be a great small gift for a girlfriend who enjoys anime. It’s also worth noting this game is for Teens and may have suggestive themes in some story branches.

Have you ever tried an Otome game or would you play this one?