Pick: Moone Boy [TV Show]

Since we’re in that lull between TV seasons, I’ve been branching out into what’s available to stream through Hulu and Netflix when I want to watch something. One of my favorite discoveries has been Moone Boy! Though folks from the UK will be familiar with it, the award winning British show about a little boy in Ireland who has an imaginary friend in the form of a slightly weird middle-aged man is new elsewhere. It started in 2012 and is now in season 3, which means I have a lot of catching up to do, but also means I have plenty to keep me entertained until the next round of my other favorite shows begins.


Pick: Puzzle & Dragons – Super Mario Bros. Edition [Nintendo 3DS Game]

The original Puzzle & Dragons is a freemium puzzle game on the mobile app store that has a Pokemon-like premise of fighting monsters and capturing them, building a party, leveling them up through battles, and working your way through dungeons. You do all of your fighting through a “match three” puzzle system with a slightly different twist on movement than your normal “match three” puzzle game. The 3DS version is a bundle¬†of two games in one. You can switch back and forth between the two games. Puzzle & Dragons Z takes the original game and gives it a storyline and RPG feel, but there’s also a Mario themed version that allows you to create a party of characters from the Mario series to work your way through different Mario worlds and dungeons. It’s a lot of fun and gets challenging pretty fast. I’ve really been enjoying it! Check out the game here


Pick: Orange is the new Black Season 3 [TV Show]

Netflix released season 3 of OITNB this month. I was addicted to Season 1 and 2 in a similar fashion, and marathoned the newest season excitedly. I’ll try not to spoiler you guys too much, but Crazy Eyes writes the next Twilight, Ruby Rose is an amazing new addition to the staff, and 3 words: dirty underwear sniffers. We learn all kinds of things about the past and childhood of Big Boo, Dayanara, Pennsatuckey, Nora, and the whole crew. It’s just too much for my heart to handle!


Pick: Mad Max: Fury Road [Movie]

I didn’t know I needed this film until I saw it, and now I need nothing else.


Pick: Fallout 4 [Video Game]

War. War Never Changes… and the excitement I feel every time I even think about playing Fallout 4 is ridiculous to the point where I am almost a blubbering, jibbering wreck. To use the parlance of our times: I can’t even.


Pick: Hunger Quest RPG [Video Game]

I love discovering new games to try out on my tablet, & this is a puzzle-based rpg with obvious heavy inspiration from ye old retro games of yore. Right up my alley! It has a nice sense of humor, pleasant design, & is easy to play in convenient short doses or long voyages of stress relief. It’s available from Google Play & iTunes. (My ally code is 3H4NTS9N9Y, if you happen to be interested!)


Pick: Daredevil on Netflix [TV Show]

I just finished watching the first season on Netflix and it was SO good. I loved watching Matt Murdock grow into ‘Daredevil’ and all the actors were amazing. I’m very excited for the second season.


Pick: That 70’s Show [TV Show]

Whenever I’m working on my endless mound of assignments for school, I like to have something on in the background so I can take breaks every now and then. I recently finished Scrubs, and was at a loss for what to move on to next. While browsing through the annals of Netflix, I found That 70’s Show, and remembered that my teenager self loved the heck out of it. Back in those days, my media geekery was pretty limited, because my parents sure as heck wouldn’t buy me TV series on… VHS? (I’m struggling here, did we even have DVDs yet when I was in high school? I LITERALLY CANNOT REMEMBER.) And Netflix, YouTube, and filesharing didn’t exist. So, I’d tune in for reruns, and on occasion, the TV would be free in the evenings and I could catch the newest episodes as they aired. I never did get to watch the whole series, but I am fixing that now. Oh, and studying for the test I have on Monday, I swear.


Pick: Portal Cube Maternity Shirt [Clothing]

This is one of those things I really wish I hadn’t missed when it was in stock. I think most babies in uerto are much like the companion cube. Delightful in that they are warm and comforting precisely because they cannot talk back or move great distances without you. Unlike Portal, this little companion cube will eventually grow up and make his own friends. Hopefully without the use of either fire or cake. But you never know.