It’s finally summer in the northern hemisphere and while it’s great to go out and soak up some ocean air and sunshine sometimes you just want to laze in the air conditioning. Or maybe you’re in the southern hemisphere and you’re just trying to stay warm and dry! The only problem is there are barely any games coming out and your friends keep mismatching your OverWatch schedule so what do you do for some personal escape and gaming time? Well if you are not able to access the super saver Steam summer sale or you already beat all triple A games on PC so far, I have some recommendations for you to make your inside time a little sweeter.

Slime Rancher

2016-06-23 (1)

For:Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, Mac OS and coming soon for Xbox One.

If you are a collect-a-thon fan and love to collect slimes, this games for you. In Slime Rancher you have a ranch out in the slime countryside where you harvest slime poop and sale it for money. The goal is to build up your farm with the money you inquire and expand it to collect and store as many slime breeds as you can. There are also goals you can finish for extra money and upgrades for you inventory slots and slime gun. The game is still in the works so you can buy it for cheap and play as the add everything in to finish up the game.



For: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

There are very few innovative platformers that have come out in the last few years but Unravel definitely changed that. This is a masterpiece of a game that came out back in February that most people missed out on. Everything about it is beautiful from the game physics, music, and artwork, to the tale that being unwoven before you. On top of all of that, this is a full game with lots of replay value that was released digital only for 20 USD.  So if your looking for something to bring a tear to your eye and will push you to use your creativity this games for you.




For:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

MMO’S are abundant on PC but on consoles there a little more than scarce. So how about a free MMO with a solid bit of gameplay for our console gamers? Onigiri is a free to play game on Playstation and Xbox home consoles and comes from the land of Japan. It is inspired by traditional Japanese folklore has a well-made level system so the grinds not to overly terrible and it’s extremely easy to party up with your friends online or find someone else to play with. I wouldn’t say this is for everyone and encourage DC Universe if you want a more American-styled MMO for a console.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

2016-06-23 (3)

For: PS4

Valkyria Chronicles has graphics that look like they popped off an art canvas and a World War 2 timed story. The battle system is named BLITZ and is a combination of strategy based RPG action, part JRPG, and part 3rd person shooter. The game is definitely a stand out in gameplay and story and will keep you entertained for upwards of 30 hours. If you own a Ps3 or a PC the game is also available on there in its original version.

Deals and Sale


Nintendo has your back in savings!

Additionally Nintendo just released a new pack of Nintendo Select games including Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS and Pikmin 3 for the WII U. Both Sony and  Microsoft cycle through sells every week and you can expect yo see huge price drops comings soon. The Steam Summer Sale will be going strong into early July with discounts on games including all the Titles you’ve been wanting and at least 1,000 other titles for you to explore all on sale for the duration. Summer months usually feature some of the biggest Triple-A discounts of the year so watch out for Gamestop 3 for 2 sales and Amazon price drops through the next few months!

On top of all this, all the games listed above are 30 USD or below and can be bought right now. Other games that are coming out this summer to look out for are No Man’s Sky, Star Ocean, and GalGun.  So get your wallets and controller ready because this is about to be an epic summer for gamers everywhere.  Also don’t forget to check out your local Indie library for some hidden gems like Subnautica on Steam.

What games will you being playing this summer/winter? Let us know in the comments below or through social media!