Jen’s Pick: Super Mario 3D World for Wii U [Wii U Game]

I purchased the Super Mario 3D World Wii U bundle for my husband’s birthday a couple months back and we recently started playing Super Mario 3D World. It’s so much fun! Plus there’s cat references everywhere in the game – cat suits, cat Goombas, cat Bullet Bills! I squee every time we play the game.


Joanna’s Pick: Castle Story [App]

My pick this month isn’t a new thing, but I’ve been fairly obsessed all the same. It’s an app called Castle Story, made by the folks at Storm 8. It’s a typical tap game, a la Farmville, but in it you wake up in the middle of a forest with a mystery and a task: the king has disappeared and you need to rebuild the kingdom! As you work through missions and goals, you learn more and more about what happened to the kingdom and you unlock new characters who interact with you. The animation is adorable and best of all: it’s free to play! There are optional purchases of course, but by no means do you need to pay to play. There are also limited time events that are fun and give you bonus items, but not completing them won’t take away from the overall storyline. (The most recent event was building a vineyard and one of my prizes for participating was a little kitty to add to my game. You can see why this is tooooootally my jam.) If you download this game I’ll let you know my Storm 8 ID and we can be neighbors!


Val’s Pick: Alphabear [App]

As soon as I read the name “Alphabear” and saw the ADORABLE bear art accompanying it, I knew I was destined to love this app. A word game featuring cute bears, from the same developer that made Triple Town (so far the only app I’ve spent money on), it has charmed me to pieces with its brain-challenging gameplay plus vast array of darling bears to collect. Each bear has a different effect on your score, as well as surely being one of the cutest things you’ll see today. I like that instead of just playing a first level, then a second level and so forth, there are instead multiple options available to you, and you can stay within the same theme/difficulty as long as you want, only advancing when you beat the boss bear. Oh, one more thing: when you get a new bear after playing a round, it’ll take a word or two that you played that round and put them into a sentence and have your new bear say that sentence. Such potential for smirks.


Sumsy’s Pick: Wayward Pines [TV Show}

Wayward Pines is the Matt Dillon lead sci-fi summer series that no one seems to be talking about. I’m like the only person I know who’s watching this! It’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen, but for a fun summer series, and it’s got enough action and mystery to keep me intrigued. I originally described it to people as Twin Peaks meets The Prisoner, which is still very true, but they’ve started to veer off into some weird directions as the mysteries unravel. Is anyone else watching? What are your thoughts?


Rosa’s Pick: Warehouse 13 [TV show]

I’ve had this show on my list for years, and finally got around to watch the first episode a few weeks ago. So far, I’m loving it! Luckily for me, I’m still in season one, so there are plenty of episodes left for me to feast my eyes upon. With Jane Espenson as co-creator (she wrote some awesome Buffy episodes, and much else besides), I expected it to be good, but I was still pleasantly surprised. And can I also just say how much I love the character Claudia Donovan? With the technical know-how of Lisbeth Salander and the sass of Veronica Mars, she won over my heart within the first three minutes she was introduced.


Kimberlee’s Pick: Tardis Decals for a stand mixer [Decal]

Recently I’ve been searching for ways to make our whole house reflect more of our fandoms and the geeky wonderful things we love. The list of amazing and creative ideas I’ve found is too long for just one staff pick, so I’ll mention this one today: Tardis decals for a stand mixer. I have a sparkly black (yes, there are tiny bits of glitter in the paint) kitchen aid. I cannot wait to order a set of Tardis decals for it. As anyone who has ever used a stand mixer knows, you can fit way more in to it than you think. It really is bigger on the inside.


Stewie’s Pick: Bates Motel, Season 3

I suppose I’m picking ALL of Bates Motel, but I just got around to watching Season 3 of this fantastic show on Netflix. I am such a fan of Freddie Highmore, the cutie from Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The acting in this show is superb, and somehow I’m always terrified of Norman, afraid of and afraid for Norma, in love with Dylan and Emma, and generally terrified of who might die next. It’s so addictive!


Farquharson’s Pick: Psycho-Pass [Anime]

It has been my aim this year to watch more anime, and I am really glad I got into Psycho Pass. Set in a 22nd-century Japan where a person’s predispostion towards criminality is measured using stationary and hand-held technology, the information is then recorded and analyzed by the Sibyl System, a hive mind that controls law enforcement. Sibyl’s judgment determines a person’s numerical Crime CoEfficient, as well as their color-hued Psycho-Pass. The series follows Akane Tsunemori, a new Inspector assigned to Division 1 of the MWPSB’s Criminal Investigation Department. I love it because it’s a fast moving, dystopian sci-f series that stays with you long after the credits roll and there’s minimal amount of romantic side plots!


Toasty’s Pick: Midori Traveler’s Notebook [Notebook]

I’m a lover of all things paper, especially new notebooks. Is there anything better than a new notebook? Maybe one you just got finished filling. I love that sense of ending one chapter and beginning a new one. Recently, a friend of mine got a Midori Traveler’s Notebook and and I can’t stop obsessing over them. I want one of my own, but I just started a new moleskine journal and can’t justify getting a new notebook right now just because shiny. Once I finish this journal though, the Midori will be next. What you get is a leather cover with straps inside that allows you to insert their smaller notebooks with any sort of lines or grids you want. There are other inserts that can add pockets and pouches to the notebook and the paper is super thin but also really high quality and doesn’t bleed when you write on it with a fountain pen. They’re awesome little notebooks and I will have one…someday!