Brrrr, it’s cold out there iggles! For me, anyway… I expect those iggles closer to the equator or in the Southern Hemisphere are having a fabulous time. We’ve been so busy at the offices of the IGGPPC HQ. We had a great time partying with you guys on New Year’s and we’re now putting our noses back to the grindstone and working to churn out IGGPPC v 4.0 which is better than ever. In 9 days, we’re unveiling our first mixed gender pairing for pen pals. We’re also in the midst of a few very exciting swaps happening. And how could we forget, the unveiling of our very exciting calendar! There is so much fun to be had all the time at the IGGPPC. As a friendly reminder, we’re seeking iggles to join our team, so don’t be shy! I guess now I should just get right into it – our January staff picks!


1. Portal Companion Cube Messenger Bag [Accessory] (picked by Valerie)
I’m a sucker for bags, & a sucker for geeky versions of useful things– my Portal Companion Cube bag has easily won my heart. Also, the silver is totally shiny. Shiny things always win.

2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee [Book] (picked by Summer)
This month has been far too busy for me to pick up anything new! So instead I decided to pick up something I’ve been meaning to reread for a while! To Kill A Mockingbird is one of those books that is beautiful and heartbreaking, and makes me feel hope and despair all at the same time. What are the go to books on your shelve that you love to reread?

3. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen [Pen] (picked by Toasty)
I had a fountain pen once and it was pretty horrible. It leaked, splattered, and didn’t work half the time. My friend had a fancy looking fountain pen and I asked if he recommended it. He did and I bought it. I have had none of those problems with this pen! I love it, it feels great in my hand, it writes smoothly, and doesn’t leak. You can buy inks in multiple different colors and best of all, the pen only costs $15! All my pen pal letters will be written with this pen from now on! I’m in love!

4. Concepts [iPad App] (picked by Emily)
Design apps for iOS are ten a penny, there are so many offering everything from basic image adjustments to full scale, all singing all dancing drawing apps. I recently discovered Concepts, an app that allows for serious precision drawing and sketching. The tools it offers are extensive, I think I am going to be drawing with this for years!

5. Dragon Age Inquisition [Game] (picked by Kim)
An immense open exploration RPG and the long awaited third instalment in the Dragon Age series. This month I’m loving my return to Thedas and the witty banter from Varric.

6. Cat Teapot Drip Catcher [Household] (picked by Joanna)
I’m a tea drinker, and my mornings don’t start until after my second cup. This usually means brewing at least a two cup pot, but I’ve lost several lids over the years. Then I found this handy drip catcher that doubles as a teapot lid holder! Everything stays where it should, and I have an adorable kitty on top of my pot in the morning. What’s not to love?

7. BioRevelation [Webcomic] (picked by Kara)
I’m binge reading my way through a fantastic comic called BioRevelation, which I highly recommend to fans of dystopian science fiction. Full disclosure, Easy has been a friend since my DeviantArt days, and I’ve eagerly followed numerous revisions of BioRev through the years. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is an incredible tale about humans and their clone counterparts at odds over civil rights and clone integration into a society not unlike our own. Easy’s allegorical style is cleverly infused with social commentary reminiscent of Suzanne Collins’ vision in the Hunger Games trilogy. Additionally, Easy’s skillful art style has a cinematic feel that pulls you right in. I’m so excited that Easy has hosted this tale on Tapastic and I hope you’ll join me in pouring through it as in unfolds!

8. Qtiie.JP [iPhone App] (picked by Stewie)
Qtiie (which I can only assume is an attempt at spelling out the word “Cutie”) is a Japanese iPhone app which allows you to add all the kawaii you need into your life. I have been completely kawaii-ifying all the pictures I can think of with this fun app, which allows you to add adorable and kawaii stickers, borders, and effects to all your Instagram pictures. Such whimsy, wow.

9. David’s Tea: Forever Nuts [Tea] (picked by Jen)
Since receiving a tin of it in my Secret Santa gift, I cannot stop drinking this tea! It’s smells heavenly and tastes like an almond cookie. And it turns pink when steeped! I love it!