This month’s Doki Doki Crate kept the cute going with another adorable crate.  They got a little bit more into obscure Japanese culture this month with Hoppe-chan and Sushi themed socks. The crate was still packed full of goodies for you to use and although it had a few issues, which I will talk about, the effort is still really there for this crate. There are a lot of items to go over in this review and of course the big question: how did this month stack up to last? 

What to know?



As with most things that get a lot of holiday orders, shipping was a little slower this month and some crate items weren’t of quality. Japan Crate was very quick to address these issues and even cut off and switched their supplier to make sure the issues did not re-occur in the future. Despite that, the things included where still cute and great to add some Kawaii flare to your life! Japan Crate is first a candy company just learning about the cute side of Japan and will hopefully continue to get better at this. For now if you subscribe, be patient and remember they are a small business, as everyone usually has growing pains!

What’s in the box?



Rilakuma Stationary: The first thing that we have is some mini stationary pieces that are great for cute notes to a pen pal. There are four different variations in the pack that are all calling for you to send to your next match on here.

Domo Stickers: What else goes with writing supplies but stickers! They have included four large Domo stickers that you can use anywhere, including letters. Each one has Domo doing something a little different but equally as cool.


Pika Butt: The weirdest thing you will find in this month’s Doki Doki crate is a keychain of Pikachu’s butt. That’s right: you can have a Pika butt on your purse. This is from a new line of plushes in Japan called Hip-Hop Parade, and there are a few more butts to collect. It doesn’t have a face at all so be advised they are literally just Poke butts, nothing extra!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Wallet: Next to the Pika butt we have a cute new wallet for you to take shopping with you. The wallet has two different designs for each side and is rather large. It comes with a pink strap so you can easily carry it on your arm or securely keep it from falling out of your hand.


Sushi Socks: Are your feet getting cold in all the snow? Are you in a country that’s getting rather nippy this time of year? Doki Doki has you covered with these socks that come packaged just like sushi rolls. Be careful unwrapping them as it’s almost impossible to re-sushi them once they’re used!

Hoppe-Chan Key chain: In Japan, 7-Eleven stores are actually nice places you go to shop and pick up exclusive merchandise. Hoppe-chan is a mega-popular slime-like creature you can find there. I got a royal Hoppe-chan in my crate, but there where several different variations that were sent out including some without key chains. It was all based on your luck, some people even got super decorated Hoppe-Chans!


Sailor Moon Blindbox: Moonies got a surprise in this month’s crate with the inclusion of a blind box. The blind box is from the S series and has a chance to get you Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, or Sailor Saturn. They’re all chibi-styled figures with cute stands with their name etched on. They are small and can fit almost anywhere you want to display them!

Alpacasso plush: Amuse fans rejoice! There’s a mini alpacasso in each box this month. This cuddly lama also come in different versions like Hoppe-Chan and is soft to the touch. Amuse is a line of plushes in Japan that are relatively cheap, super cute, and collectible. I got the pink version and it’s currently blending in with the bigger plushes covering my bed!


Elephant fan: In each crate there is a traditional Japanese fan included in the shape of a cute little elephant. There are a few color variations and it’s made out of cardboard for durability.

As always, there’s a little book included with a comic and explanation of each item.

Doki Doki Crate December Vs. January

This month was pretty great as well; the only quality drop seemed to be due to the holiday rush. I personally preferred last month’s crate a little more because of the Totoro items, and I felt the Doki Doki Crate this month was worth a little less but it’s ultimately what items you personally enjoy more. The value of the items are still definitely worth more than the 30 USD subscription fee. I also feel like I can put all the items to use which is a huge plus for any monthly box!

What was your favorite item in this month’s box, which box did you like more, and have any of you subscribed? Let us know in the comments below!