As you know, DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of Vertigo Comics (an imprint of DC Comics), I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Sincerest apologies to my iZombie friends, I’ve gotten a little behind on my posts because I’ve been watching the episodes multiple times. Much like Veronica Mars, there are a lot of subtleties that I miss the first time around.  A re-watch lets me appreciate a little more of the cleverness thrown into each episode.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

foodBefore we talk about each episode, can we talk about how this second season is absolutely killing it with the #brainfood (as our social media maven Liv referred to it)? If there isn’t a blog dedicated solely to recreating each recipe (but with a protein other than brains), might I suggest someone start one? I’d definitely be cooking up some of those recipes. And can we also appreciate how the food corresponds with the episode?

In “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”, Liv eats the brains of an erotic novelist in the form of a spicy stuffed pepper. In “Physician, Heal Thy Selfie,” she eats the brains of a social media addict in the form of a beautifully ‘grammable sushi aka the aforementioned “brain food.” And finally, in an episode titled “The Whopper” she eats the brains of a whopping liar in the form of…you guessed it, a giant burger (also known as the episode title at a certain fast food restaurant).


Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

The Upright Position as read by Kristen BellThis was a highly anticipated episode of iZombie for fans of Veronica Mars and/or Kristin Bell. It was teased that Kristen Bell had some sort of role in the episode.  It turns out, she is the narrator of the erotic novel that the victim had written. We get a mention of Kristen Bell’s name and Liv telling us she’s “always felt a kind of connection” with Bell before hearing a brief snippet of the book, as read by Kristen Bell. Yes, this was great. But I wanted more! It felt like we should have heard more snippets of the audio book in more of the episode. Hopefully, we’ll get more of Kristin Bell in another episode at some point, preferably as Veronica Mars.

It was highly entertaining to watch Liv try to contain her erotic tendencies, courtesy of the libraian’s brain.  Who didn’t laugh out loud when she slapped Ravi’s behind and said “I’ve been a bad morgue attendant, I’d understand if there are punitive measures.” And shortly thereafter, we get more of Drake. Can I just say, I don’t blame Liv one bit for wanting to get to know him more.

In other news, Clive and Bozzio almost catch Major, but don’t. They do discover who Blaine is and decide to arrest him. Peyton sleeps with Blaine, saves him from being interrogated by Clive and Bozzio, but then learns about who he is.

“You sleep with someone. You think you know them, but they could be anyone.”

Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

This episode picks up where the last left off, Liv walking back into her room where Drake is in bed. There is certainly a questioning look in her eyes, which comes and goes throughout the episode. And you really can’t blame her. Liv doesn’t know that he’s working both sides of the drug trade (and are we convinced we know where his allegiances are too?).  Meanwhile, Peyton has decided she needs to resign (and we get some great scenes with her and Ravi).  That chick can seriously put away the liquor!

This episode also has Liv eating the brains of a non-murder victim (due to the murder victims inconveniently missing their heads) who turns out to be a “social media maven.” And here is where Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero, and the iZombie writers prove once again that they can provide some of the most relevant and clever lines on television. The way Liv incorporates social media into her life is brilliant. Anyone else laugh out loud when she did the unboxing of the morgue’s supply box? This is an episode I highly recommend watching a couple times to catch some of the more sly millenial internet references (in addition to that one about Raiders of the Lost Ark).  iZombie definitely provides some good brain food for the geeky inclined!

The Whopper

And finally, let’s talk about The Whopper. There were some huge things happening in this episode (all while Liv is telling lots of fish stories…bartender, lottery winner, etc.). I’d like to also stop and note that it was nice to know Clive’s not an idiot and has noticed Liv’s tendency to take on the traits of those they are investigating. I love that he just “rolls with it” because he thinks it helps her “psychic” tendencies.

We’ve got Major captured by Blaine (and subsequently helping Blaine deal with his “departed” father again). We’ve got Drake taking out a guy for Mr. Boss (and also discover he may be a little sketchier than we originally suspected).  And lies all the way around. It’s particularly poignant when Liv says:

“Everyone lies. It’s a coping mechanism, a key survival trait. Show me someone who always tells the truth and I’ll show you a weirdo. But maybe the most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves.”

Despite all this, thanks to Drake (and his nefarious ways?), Liv, Ravi and Major finally found the bodies that supposedly have the tainted Utopium! And just in time too, as New Hope (zombie/non-zombie/zombie) rat has died.

So much is starting to come together. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking forward to the next episode!

The elated finally of finding bodies