So if you haven’t watched any of season 1 of iZombie you really need to change that! The show has been a hit and it’s signed on for a second season. Personally, I’ve really been enjoying the show and love how the story line has been going. And not to give away any spoilers, but last week’s episode was SO good and makes me believe the season finale is going to be intense.

Speaking of which, the season finale of iZombie airs tomorrow. And if you’re like me or are getting together with friends to watch the season finale, it’s fun to have snacks and drinks nearby to make the viewing even more fun. The show definitely has a spicy food theme. In the pilot episode Liv explains to Ravi that hot sauce adds extreme heat and spice to her food which is the only taste her palate distinguishes. So not only does she eat Hellfire Cheezy Puffs and drink extra hot Bloody Marys throughout the season, but she also eats her brains in spicy concoctions.

Now for some spicy, Liv-worthy menu ideas for the season finale viewing (for recipes/vendor, click on the caption under each photo):

You could make a dinner inspired by the recipes over at Fiction Food!

If you’re not looking to make a dinner but you’d rather stock up on snacks then either Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or Flamin’ Hot Popcorn would be perfect!

If salty isn’t your thing then you could go sweet and make up some Mexican Hot Chocolate or Spicy Chocolate Brownies.

Whether you plan on snacking during the iZombie season finale or not, enjoy the episode! I know I will be savouring every moment.