As you know, DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of Vertigo Comics (an imprint of DC Comics), I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen.  iZombie will finish its second season on 12 April 2016 with a two-hour event.  Let’s make sure we are all on the same page before the finale since the reveals just keep coming. Here we go…

He Blinded Me….With Science

Remember how Blaine rose from the dead? Well, this episode begins with him dirty and wrapped in a picnic blanket on the bus….and pondering a large bald head because he’s starving. He heads to the morgue to get some brains from Ravi.  Ravi is more than a little disconcerted that Blaine is once again a zombie, because based on New Hope (the rat) death is not far behind.  Ravi manufactures a new cure and provides it to Blaine in case of emergency…which comes sooner rather than later.

Zombie soup made in a beaker.

Liv makes a soup, in a beaker, over a Bunsen burner and that’s before finding out the brain is from a deceased scientist who was burned (by the angry sibling of a woman who was scarred from science gone wrong).  The plus side of the scientist brain – Liv is able to help Ravi with the cure. The down side of the scientist brain – Liv’s questioning everything she knows about Drake and even tracks him to his work with Mr. Boss.  Also, the scientist worked for Max Rager under a fake name with the zombies in the basement.

  • Vaughn Du Clark is all over that SuperMax and clearly never learned the lesson about poking a bear.
  • Babineaux and Bozzio discover that the report on brains they had previously was changed – human brains abound.
  • Who else was seriously entertained by Babineaux’s face when he walked in on Ravi dissecting a rat in the morgue?

But the real standout moment in this episode? Blaine has Major kidnap Drake, to fulfill his commitment to Vaughn Du Clark. And it happens as Liv is waiting for Drake to meet her (so she could confront Drake about his presumed work with Mr. Boss)!

Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

First off, how much fun was Liv on stripper brain? And not just any stripper, but a stripper who wore platform heels with a goldfish in them!


You had to know that after Gilda aka Rita got kicked out of Liv’s apartment it would lead the way for Peyton to move back in.  And it’s brilliant seeing them together again. From the beginning, the relationships in iZombie have been the heart of the show (much like Veronica’s relationship with Keith always was a key part of Veronica Mars).  This relationship gets even better when Liv eats the brain of a stripper to help Peyton with the case against Mr. Boss and the two of them head to the strip club. Peyton seems more than a little uncomfortable with Liv’s lap dance and it’s very entertaining.

  • The new cure seems to have some side effects – Blaine has serious memory problems. Or does he?
  • Rita aka Gilda is now a zombie after her dad provoked the zombie on SuperMax and now her dad is keeping her locked up in the Max Rager secret basement.
  • “Peyton is Monica-esque and Liv is clearly a Rachel” according to Ravi in that entertaining reference to Friends. Do you think that’s an accurate assessment?

The news prints a very big article on the Chaos Killer….this leads Ravi to question Major about Minor (the dog) and even break into Major’s safe (who else was impressed by Ravi’s systematic approach to cracking the code?). Ravi confronts Major who ends up going full zombie. Thank goodness for the handy knock-out drug on the table, right?

Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be

The murder of the week involves an overachieving college student, who it turns out was working as an informant for Keith Mars (aka Enrico Colantoni who is actually Detective Lou Benedetto in iZombie, but he will always be Keith Mars to me). This brain puts Liv into an overly ambitious state (anyone else want Liv to come inventory and organize their kitchen?) which she is using to distract herself from the knowledge that Drake is missing.  It also leads to the discovery of Detective Benedetto’s unsanctioned confidential informant program related to Utopium (and a potential threat to Babineaux and maybe even the beginning of the unraveling of the zombie secret).


This episode also had some big Major revelations too. Major explains to Ravi what he’s doing as the Chaos Killer and why he’s doing it….which is ultimately to protect Liv.  Ravi wants to tell Liv and Major doesn’t want him too.

“If we tell Liv the truth, do you think this new version of Liv is liable to do something to get herself killed?”

Ravi gives Major some of the leftover positivity brain which begs the following questions:

  • How much brain makes up one serving?
  • And how long do the brain effects last?

But back to Major, that newspaper article that clued in Ravi? It also tipped off the dog groomer. Dale Bozzio and the FBI bust into Max Rager to ambush and arrest Major!

Are you ready for the two hour season finale? Will you be watching? Any predictions on what’s going down? Is Blaine faking memory loss? What’s going to happen with Don E. and Chief running the business? Is Major going to jail (for long)? Will Liv learn the truth about Major (and where Drake is)? And what about SuperMax? So many questions!