It’s been a long wait for the Season 3 premiere of iZombie.  It feels like forever ago that Clive finally learned Liv was a zombie, and that the Max Rager party went the way of The Living Dead.  But thankfully, the return and beginning of Season 3 was worth the wait. This season is going to be so much bigger when it comes to the zombies, with a potential battle for the entire city of Seattle. The 13 episodes of Season 3 are bound to be good.

The premiere, “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother”, picks up where the last season ended with a private paramilitary force coming in to save the gang from the mindless zombies created by Super Max at the party. Season 3 begins with that force blowing up a building in order to destroy evidence of the carnage inside, which Clive is clearly uncomfortable with.

The secrets are out. Clive knows about Liv and zombies in general. Liv knows about Major. Everyone knows about Payton and Blaine. And Ravi, who always seemed to know everything, will have to find new things to be awkward about now that everyone is in the loop.  “No more secrets” is Liv’s demand.


As part of that, she tells the crew that the paramilitary crew was composed of zombies and mentions Vivian Stoll’s comment about “Zombieland.” Liv, Major, and Clive go to Fillmore Graves Enterprises to learn more about Vivian’s plans.  Her company is comprised entirely of zombies. And they are preparing for D-Day, aka Discovery Day, as she feels it’s inevitable that the secret won’t be secret any longer and Vivian plans to survive.

“We do not plan on going gently into that good night.”

While visiting the complex, Clive sees a young boy, Wally, who he once knew.  Wally and his family are zombies. Unfortunately, a “conspiracy theorist” with a talk radio show, Chuck Bird (who happens to be Aaron Douglas aka Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica – kind of ironic, don’t you think?), talks to a security guard who was present at the Max Rager party.  Live over the airwaves, the guard and Bird discuss seeing people eating other people’s brains.  At the end of the episode, Wally and his family are found murdered, with cans of Max Rager in their pockets. Liv and Clive are fearful as to where the future leads. And Clive is pissed that a kid he knew was murdered.

Meanwhile, we are left pondering Blaine and his memory loss. Ravi is still trying to find a viable cure. And Blaine’s father is being defrosted by Donny. It is bound to be an interesting season.

And I can’t wait until episode two, “Zombie Knows Best”. It’s been teased for months by those involved with the show, and the promo does nothing to lessen the joy that I assume the next episode will bring (Major on the brains of a teenage girl, while Liv is on the brains of the middle-aged father).

Stay tuned to continue being entertained by iZombie!