We’re excited to announce a very magical and creative celebration of all things Potter! And everyone is invited!

What? Potterweek, silly! #Potterweek
When? July 25-31, 2015
What do I do? Get Potter with it! Write blog posts, create videos, record podcasts, take selfies, watch the movies in a big group, and use #Potterweek to connect with all the other Potterheads across Hogwarts and beyond!


Our good friends at Common Room are encouraging everyone to show their House pride, pull out their wands, and celebrate Potter with them. Much like 5 Fandom Friday and our own Inside the Theme, Potterweek is meant to bring us all together for a very magical cause, creatively. The cause of all things Harry Potter! Are you a Ravenclaw? A Hufflepuff? A Muggle? A Squib? Whatever you are, let’s talk Potter.

Need more structure than just that? Fear not – there’s even more prompts!

July 25 – PotterVerse Merlin’s Pants! Origins, meanings, anything language based!
July 26 – PotterPeeps Ya know, peeps! Characters we love, hate, etc!
July 27 – PotterPonderings Get brainy with it! Crackpot theories, symbolism, literary analysis!
July 28 – PotterHouse What house are you in? What do you think about the houses? Which Pottermore house were you placed in, vs your own prediction?
July 29 – PotterParks You’ve heard of the Harry Potter theme park, right? Talk about experiences, wishlists, and more!
July 30 – PotterPowers Pull out your wand! Spells, charms, races!
July 31 – PotterPotpourri Common Room will be releasing their main episode on this day, and you can use this day to get creative! Seriously, go nuts!

Do I need to know anything else?
Read the original blog post here about #Potterweek on Common Room! When you create your fun #Potterweek tribute, tweet @comromco to let them know you’re joining in on the fun! Feel free to link your content back to their post here! Remember – use #Potterweek and go Hogwarts-wild during Potter Week!

Don’t forget, it’s July 25-31, so mark your calendar. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character, and what House are you in? Mine is Luna Lovegood and I’m in Hufflepuff – let me know yours in a comment!