Introducing our Pet Pal Program, where your Pets can become Pen Pals with each other! This exciting new program involves our fine feathered and furry friends in the fun of the IGGPPC. Is Spot feeling left out? Mittens feeling neglected? Slithers the snake wants to slither right into your envelope? Fear not, they can join in on the fun of having a Pen Pal just like us!


Simply have your dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, hamster or snake sign up for their own account, using their personal email. We’ll match them with their perfect fellow fur-geek in our community of animal geek Pen Pals!


Then have Sparkles or Tinkebell or whatever stupid name you’ve given your pet check for mail from their new pal over the next few weeks. We know they will be pleased with their new International Geek Fur Pal and whatever cool package they get!

We are not responsible for pets becoming fascinated with their Pen Pal’s box. We are not responsible for fleas being transferred across county lines. We are not responsible for your pets inability to write a letter.


And most importantly, we are not responsible to help your pet open their package. Stay tuned for more deets about this exciting program!