Hey guys! We here at the IGGPPC have some very exciting initiatives we’ll be rolling out for the remainder of 2014 and can’t wait to let you guys in on the secret. While we’ve been known as the avid letter writing and sticker swapping International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club for so very long, we’ve come to the realization that there have been some casualties of war due to our club… trees! Our cute pen pal stationery, Lisa Frank stickers, and Hello Kitty envelopes unfortunately comes at a cost to our planet.

The International Geek Girl Emailer’s Club

That’s why for the remainder of this year, we’re initiating a new eco-friendly initiative – email! Our “Save a tree, send an email” campaign takes the tree out of the equation. When we pair you with your pen pal, instead of sending any letters at all, we just want you guys to e-mail! Simple as that!

What if I really want to mail a letter?

We know what you’re thinking… “But this is a PEN PAL club! You’re supposed to write LETTERS!” Do not fret, dear Iggles… We have a solution for you traditionalists as well. Why not try recycling something you already have, and writing your letter on that? We have provided some helpful examples.

  • The back of an old Taco Bell receipt
  • An old t-shirt
  • A leftover chinese take-out container, washed out of course
  • The back of your science homework
  • Unused pages of your little sister’s diary
  • The back of that horrible band’s flyer that some hippie yutz stuck under your windshield wiper thinking you’d ever go to his show, but no way would you ever be into “Pan Flute Metal”
  • The weepy tear-filled tissues of your life

Random Iggle Screenings for Stationery Eco-Friendliness

In addition to encouraging Iggles to put down the pen and paper, we are also going to be doing Random Iggle Screenings throughout the day. These screenings are to determine the eco-friendliness of your current stationery selection. So if we contact you, please send us a photo of your stationery collection or anything you would use to write to your pen pal. This is to ensure that you do not have too much stationery, that you are using paper printed on recyclable fibers, and using biodegradable ink. We are able to determine this easily through photograph alone.

Show us your green spirit

There are many ways you can show us you are committed to this initiative! Please show off a picture of yourself emailing someone… it could be your pen pal, or anyone! You can also show us a picture of yourself NOT writing a letter on paper. Maybe you just want to write a letter on something eco-friendly, like an old magazine or a banana. Or perhaps you want to show us a picture of your love for trees – so go hug a tree, and snap a pic! You can be sure Mister Tree will be saying, “Thank you, dear IGGPPC, for sending less letters, and saving my life. You truly are my angels.”

Yup! It’s that simple. Use #IgglesGoGreen to show us your anti-paper pride!


If you’re truly committed to this initiative, we would love to invite you to unlock the achievement. Use code ‘IgglesGoGreen’ to unlock the achievement!