Welcome back to another adventure in turning your fashion into your favorite fandom! To celebrate this month’s theme, which is time travel, we put together a few ensembles that are out of this world!

What do aliens have to do with time travel, you ask? Well, there’s a theory that aliens are humans, just super evolved, who are traveling back in time to observe themselves from long ago. That’s all well and good, but it sure as heckfire doesn’t explain the probes. *shudder*

Also, think about this. If we did discover that aliens existed, but we’d have to travel 25 light years to get to them, (providing we COULD do that) time travel would sure come in handy, so you didn’t come home and your family aged 50 years and is eating a purely prune-based diet! Here’s how we’d rock the alien look.

Alien fashion that’s out of this world!

Aliens {Time Travel}
Created by geekgirlpenpals on Polyvore

This alien-inspired look draws on the bright fun colors of the 90’s, which always struck us as a pretty “out there” decade. Pink totally goes with the lime green of any alien’s skin. Très chic. We’ve featured some Quay sunglasses, which are super weird. Quay is designer stuff, so it’s pricey, but there are plenty of knock-offs out there. Hot pink nail polish, or of course lime green, as well as Sugarpill’s mint soda loose eyeshadow will give you that ethereal glow that only years on a UFO and dedicated moon-bathing can provide. Check Etsy for pretty much all your alien needs, including these adorably glittery alien heart earrings. Hot Topic has a perfect galactic alien cheer bow for the back of your bald beautiful alien head. We’re not sure how you’ll get it to stay in, but you’re an alien dammit – figure it out! Don’t believe in humans? Neither do we! Show your interstellar pride with this fabulous “I don’t believe in humans” t-shirt from Pink Queen. Is it just me, or are Converse like the universal symbol of someone who likes to have a good time? And of course, make all the other extra-terrestrials in the schoolyard jealous with this far out alien backpack. Perfect for storing your Nuclear Equalizer and High-Speed Thermal Cannon. Just don’t let the teacher see them.

What would you wear if you were to travel to another planet? Which of these adorable alien items is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!