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January 2015 is a tribute to our love of video games. This month gives us a chance to remember and celebrate the games that helped to foster love-affairs with gaming in all forms. While we share some of our fondest memories with you, don’t forget tell us about yours!

1) What is your favorite retro video game?
*BONUS QUESTIONS (not answered by staff)*
2) What video game has the best music?
3) What is the most adorable critter or creature from a video game?
4) What video game character would you want to cosplay as?
5) Which console is better than all the other consoles?


Captain Farquharson: Flimbo’s Quest for Commodore 64

The first game system we had in our house was the Commodore 64 that had cassette tapes to load the games. We had a fair few games for it but the one that has stayed with my is Flimbo’s Quest. The music, visual style and character design both enchanted and horrified me as a youngster! (Which looking back now seems ridiculous!)


Sparkle Girl Jen: Bubble Bobble for NES

This was one of the first video games I remember playing. My Aunt and Uncle had a NES and I can only remember two games they owned – Bubble Bobble and Super Dodgeball. I found myself addicted to Bubble Bobble and it introduced me to the world of Bub and Bob (later on I became a Bust-A-Move addict haha).


Darling Stewie: Diddy Kong Racing for N64

Probably the most obsessed I ever was with a video game was during my time playing Diddy Kong Racing. My dad, sister and I would play it all the time – way too much in fact. We would go head to head in Icicle Pyramid and other battle modes, when you try to kill the other players. It’s one of my fondest memories. I love playing as Pipsy, the cute yellow mouse, because she was the fastest, and I absolutely loved trying to bead my dad and sister’s times in the races. I loved playing it in either Story Mode, when you have to systematically beat each level, or just playing random levels with my family. The hovercraft was not my friend.


ToastyTreat: Tetris Battle Gaiden for SNES

I’ve always been a big fan of Tetris, even back when I was terrible at it. My favorite version, Tetris Battle Gaiden, was released on the SNES (Super Famicom) in Japan only. It’s a super competitive version in which you play as one of eight characters each with unique abilities you can use against your opponent. After playing an emulated version I recently imported a physical copy to add to our retro game collection! <3


Ninja Joanna: King’s Quest for PC

The first video game that really got to me (besides the usual addiction to Oregon Trail) was an old PC text-based game called King’s Quest. I first played it in maybe forth or fifth grade, and remember that it was the second game in the series. We had it in the classroom (which was super progressive back then as it wasn’t educational in the classic sense) and mostly worked as a group to figure it out. The thing about these text-based games is they didn’t come with instructions: everything was trial and error, process of elimination, so we’d help each other out with things we’d learned in the course of the game. Looking back, I’m sure that’s why our teacher let us spend so much time on it, actually… But I was seriously hooked. King’s Quest IV was the first game I marathonned, playing it over the course of a single weekend with a friend. She’d already figured out most of it, but we got stuck near the end and MIGHT have called the “Hint Line” phone number on the back of the package, which cost her folks a good $5 or so. They weren’t exactly thrilled about it, haha. To this day, King’s Quest has a special place in my childhood, and on the old laptop I keep just to go back and play it when I need a nostalgia fix.


Ninja Kara: Donkey Kong Country for SNES

I was absolutely obsessed with this game when I was a little kid. I remember standing in the middle of the electronics section of Wal-Mart and pouring through a Nintendo Player’s Guide magazine to peep all the nooks and crannies stuffed with bananas and balloons. The summer I got a SNES was the best summer of my life – my parents bought me the package with the three game bonus pack that included DK as well as Super Mario Land and All Stars. I played until my thumbs fell off! I’ve never gotten past Kremkroc Industries, but I did watch my cousin finish the game, so I already know what happens at the end. Womp womp. I have grand plans to pick it up again and finally beat it because I still have my SNES, but discovered this weekend that I now suck at Nintendo. Yay, Adulthood!


Ninja Summer: Scarab of Ra for Mac

Before I owned any gaming consoles, I used to play computer games on my old Mac. Scarab of Ra is a first person exploration game set inside a pyramid. The premise is that a sandstorm has revealed a door at the top of the pyramid, and each level you go down, the maze/map gets larger (and the random encounters get more dangerous.) There’s even a mummy chasing you around, and it used to scare me so much! It’s incredibly hard to make it all the way through the pyramid, but if you want to try, someone has actually recreated a version of the game you can play online! Watch out for hidden traps!


Ninja Val: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for SNES

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was my introduction to the rich world of RPGs. The gameplay, story, characters, locations, & music are each amazing, & set a high standard for all of my following gaming experiences. #TeamMallow


Ninja Kimberlee: Star Strike for Intellivision

The first game I remember playing was on Intellivision. I’m fortunate to have a bunch of memories from my early childhood. Some of the fondest of which are those I have of getting to have sleep overs with my favorite uncle and aunt. As a 5 year old, their basement was a collection of all kinds of fun and wonderful things, like a magical toy room. They had pachinko machines, a giant working model railroad, and an Intellivision console. I remember playing several of the games, but the one that kept me in parts interested and in parts frustrated for the longest time was Star Strike. Looking back, I think that my present difficulty with playing FPS games started way back then, as did my penchant for button mashing when it comes to console gaming.

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