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February has long been conscripted as the month of love. Everything you see, from today and until those clearance bins of candy are marked down on the 15th, will be about Valentine’s Day. We’ve decided to give that old argument a break. We don’t care about your romantic status (unless you really, really, want to talk about it on twitter and then we’ll bring a pint of ice cream and two spoons). We care about the things you love, and why you love them. We care about the hearts that have touched your heart. That’s why this month’s theme is: Hearts!

1) Share your favorite heart!
*BONUS QUESTIONS (not answered by staff)*
2) What are your top 5 geek loves?
3) Who is your fandom crush?
4) If you could melt the heart of one supervillain and turn them good, who would it be?
5) What video game was the most difficult for you, that you definitely could have used more hearts or lives in?

Pick: Cozy Heart Penguin. She’s one of the Care Bear Cousins, and I first saw her in The Care Bear Movie. Cozy Heart is the sweetest lilac color, and of course a penguin, which is adorable. Her belly badge is a heart with a cute little winter hat on it. Oh, and her voice is so cute! I love how other countries say her name as well. In Dutch, she is Warm Heart Penguin. In French, she is Always Hug Penguin. And in German, she is Paddle Heart Penguin. The entire Care Bears franchise has always taught everyone the importance of sharing your feelings and caring for others, and that’s something I know we all “heart.”

Pick: Hearts from Once Upon a Time. I’m currently watching Season 3 and the fact that the magical characters have the ability to reach into your chest and take your heart is quite frightening. But how they glow is oh so pretty.


Pick (picked by Toasty): Hearts and Hooves Day. I love that My Little Pony has special holidays, and the Hearts and Hooves Day episode is adorable! Big Macintosh doesn’t usually get enough screen time.

Pick: The starship, Heart of Gold, from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s probably my favorite spaceship ever, though I have a soft spot for the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. I can make my own tea, so the lack of tea on the Heart of Gold won’t be an issue. The unique details like sighing doors & Eddie the shipboard computer would be worth any inconvenience!

Pick: Giraffe Love. As an old-school nerdfighter, giraffe love has long been a part of my personal lexicon, as well as my wardrobe. It represents giraffes who love giraffes for people who love giraffes who love giraffes. As a person who loves giraffes who love giraffes, I have this logo on a t-shirt and on a necklace I got through the Project for Awesome several years ago. Though the shirt design is (as of this writing) unavailable, you can get it as part of this nerdtastic set of valentines at DFTBA Records.

Pick: Who <3ed? shirt. Featured in TGS #12: Vamlumtime’s Day! What time is it (almost)? VALENTIME’S! Or at least, it is for ME. Revisiting this hallowed Teen Girl Squad episode has been an annual tradition of my Feb 14th-ing since it came out in… okay, so I’m actually not sure when it came out, but since it features a knock off Sidekick, we can probably date it to approximately 2005, eh? Psh, I know what you’re saying: “As if anyone needs an excuse to go back and watch old Homestar Runner cartoons!!” Whatever! I watched the episode at least 50,000 times to prepare for this review. (PS. I have since realized that I am completely and utterly What’s Her Face come to life.) Clearly the best heart in ALL OF FANDOM is the one prominently displayed on Cheerleader’s “Who <3ed?” shirt in this episode. If you disagree with me, you’re in for some BAD JUJU. Now get outta here you USB dongle goblin! >KO)->

Pick: Sailor Moon’s Moon Crisis Pendant. My first anime love was Sailor Moon. I dragged my high school friends along for the ride. I was the clumsy Usagi to their brilliant and completely capable sailor scout selves. Years later, I’m still that klutzy girl, and I still love pastries way more than I should. Therefore, my heart pick is the Moon Crisis Pendant. Sign me up for a locket that does my makeup and wardrobe styling for me,that’s almost enough of a superpower in and of itself!

Pick: Daenerys and the Stallion Heart. ***Game of Thrones Spoilers***
Remember that time Daenerys (of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons) consumed a stallion heart and confirmed her place as a BAMF? That was awesome! My favorite Game of Thrones cooking site has instructions for making your own red velvet Valentine’s Day stallion hearts.

Remember to join in the fun by checking out the “Inside the Theme” forum to contribute your own answers to these burning questions! Feel free to post them as a comment on the forum, or on your own blog! Use #InsideTheTheme to share your posts and answers on social media!