Hello Iggles & Miggles! Let me tell you about a dream I have… where ‘dream’ = ‘thing I’ve been contemplating & planning for a while now, to give you fun opportunities’.

There’s an event coming up called Indy PopCon, which will be taking place in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It’s a brand new convention, & it’s going to be a fantastic venue for iggles/miggles, as it is focused on ALL TYPES of geeky interests! This is not a game con, or a comic con, or an anime con. It is ALL THE THINGS. You should click over & look at the guest list + the scheduled panels. It isn’t even done yet, but has plenty to get you excited no matter what you’re into.


The people behind Indy PopCon have already had several meet-ups around town, making connections & answering questions. They’re really super. & I’m not just saying that because I have won prizes. *shifty eyes* They stay active/interactive on twitter & facebook, so you can feel confident that they care about the people for whom they are creating the con.

Anyway, the point is, I’m totally going to be there. & I would REALLY like it if you’d come too. Because you are awesome. In fact, I SO want you to be there, that I can promise you IGGPPC SWAG + AN EXCLUSIVE ACHEIVEMENT CODE if you find me there!

I also would like it to be a way for iggles to connect with other iggles besides me. So, if you have an online shop or something, I would like to offer you a chance to mail me some of your business cards & I would pass them out like candy. Magical candy that anyone can have, regardless of diet &/or allergies!

In Summation

  • come to Indy PopCon, where I will give you free stuff (including a hug, quite possibly, if you want one)
  • if you can’t come, but want to make connections anyway, I will pass out your business cards
  • no really, free swag, so you’d better just come
  • here’s a link to buy tickets

Will provide further details closer to event time! Feel free to hit me up on twitter with any questions/comments/suggestions/feedback/Sherlockreferences.

-Valerie, IGGPPC Ninja + Official House GLaDOS Companion Cube