• Summer: My husband bought me this necklace after he saw Lucy Liu wearing it on Elementary and thought I would love it. The family that nerds together, stays together.
  • Farquharson: I made my ‘Farquharson’ necklace myself when I had my own jewelry business. I love it because it is obnoxiously large for a name necklace.
  • Kimberlee: I love books and reading, as a Lit major this necklace appealed to me on so many levels. It’s danger and literature with just a hint of the badass knowledge power-trip that can be found in reading things that other people have deemed “inappropriate” at one time or another.
  • Toasty: A strand of pearls and a pendant given to me by my husband’s grandparents as a wedding gift. They told me, “Every woman needs a strand of pearls.” I wore then on my wedding day and I wear them on special occasions. They are beautiful and I cherish them.
  • Stewbs: I bought this Barbie Shoe necklace from Pixie and Pixier a few weeks ago and I just love it! It’s like I get to carry around a bit of my childhood with me. Toys do make the best necklaces… plus it’s colorful and unique. A really weird conversation starter, that’s for sure – just like me.
  • Valerie: My favorite piece of jewelry was received from the very first swap in which I participated, about three years ago. The swap was Star Trek themed, & I’m practically a Vulcan, so of course I got a Spock necklace. I love that the colors go with just about anything, & I can be subtly saluting everyone I meet when I wear it.
  • Sparkles: I received this cat charm from Captain Farquharson in a parcel last year. She had bought it at Ulster Museum in Belfast, Ireland. As a self-proclaimed cat lady, this has quickly become one of my favourite pieces of jewelry.

Each month we’ll be posting snaps of our favourite things. This month we’ve chosen our favourite jewelry. What’s your favourite piece of jewelry? Show us using #IGGPPCFavourites!