Are you trembling in your hiking boots yet??? What an amazing selection of ghost stories! Earlier in the week we introduced you to our first winning story, Lydia. And now we have another winner! Congrats to Melissa with her untitled story that reminded us of the Alice in Wonderland meets the Labyrinth fueled nightmares of our youth! Make sure to read Katie’s story here, and check out this round’s winning story below!

Thanks to Captain Farq for curating a fabulous Kawaii prize pack for our winner!

By: Melissa Rose

All Alice ever wanted was to live in a magical world. Her entire life she watched fantasy movies and read whimsical books. She was in love with the idea of being magically transported into another realm. This didn’t change even as she grew older.

Every year on her birthday she would make a batch of chocolate cupcakes, place birthday candles in them and make her wish.

“I wish to have an amazing adventure!”

This year something changed. When she blew out the candles everything went dark. Voices buzzed in and around her head. She could not understand what they were saying; the language was unlike any she had ever heard before.

Then a blinding white light and a loud boom caused her to faint. As her eyes began to focus she realized that she was no longer home. Tentatively she called out, “Hello? Is anyone here? And where exactly is here?”

“Sweetie, you shouldn’t ask questions if you don’t really want to know the answers.”

Jumping away from the voice, Alice saw that is was a strange little duck. Not the cute ones you feed bread to at lakes, but something more grotesque. It looked as though a duck and human had merged together.

“What are you?” whimpered Alice.

“That doesn’t matter. You are in a whole lot of trouble my dear. Try and survive” quacked the duck-human hybrid before it waddled away and joined two others of its species a few feet away. They disappeared into the darkness together.

Now that her attention wasn’t focused on the strange creature she had a chance to examine her surroundings. She appeared to be in a large hall with stone walls that were seeped with glistening water. It had something of a gothic romantic feel to it. Somewhat familiar but it sent chills down her spine.

Alice began to move around this room hoping to find a way out. She didn’t see any way that the duckling creatures could have left. Yet she knew there must be a way.

Then she heard the first notes of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata being struck forcefully on a piano she could not see. The music reverberated in the hollow room causing her favorite classical song to sound disfigured. In a panic Alice felt along the walls for an exit. She had to get away from the deafening noise. Just as she was about to start screaming in terror she felt the cold steel of a door handle. Pulling the large wooden door open wide enough to get through she hurled herself into the next room.

“Took you long enough.”

Sitting at a grand piano was the most attractive man Alice had ever seen. He had blond hair that reach just below his ears, crystal blue eyes and a cheeky grin. His voice had a hint of an English accent. He stood up and advanced toward Alice, holding out his hand for her to take.

“You wanted an adventure, to be apart of something amazing. I can give that to you. Take my hand and I will show you a world that even you could have never imagined.” Mesmerized, Alice took his hand. In a flash the room transformed into a decadent ballroom filled with people dancing around in eccentric costumes. Feathers, hats and masks adorned the dancers. Music filled the air.

Alice looked down and saw that she was dressed in a splendid gown of gold and red. She looked up into the face of the mysterious man with a smile. Finally her dreams were coming true. They began to dance. As she was twirling and laughing around the ballroom she kept catching a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. She started to pay more attention to the other dancers and that is when she saw it.

They weren’t dressed in costumes. They were not human at all. In fear Alice pressed up against her handsome partner.

“Say you love me” he growled in her ear.

Alice looked up and saw that he was no longer the attractive young man she had been dancing with, but a being with snarling lips, jagged teeth and blacken eyes. Alice pulled away from him as he laughed. All the dancers gather around her wildly pushing and pulling at her like she was a plaything.

“The fantasy never lives up to reality Alice” he laughed as the mutated dancers descended on the screaming Alice.

Careful what you wish for.