To all my iggle loves near and far, thank you for making day two everything I dreamed it would be.  I had a great time hosting some google hangouts, getting excited about giveaways, and doing the Geekie Awards taco eating watch-along.  So much happened yesterday at camp that the day just flew by!

Let’s give three cheers for the amazing iggles at IGGPPCamp 2014!!

completed bear - pompom


In case you missed any of the fun yesterday, here’s a handy recap…

We began the solo photo scavenger hunt!  Remember you have until the end of camp to complete it and submit your photos.


We also had day two of the Iggle Fitness Challenge.  Because the community that geeks together can also get strong and stay healthy together!


Day two of the Iggle Craft Club challenge went out to all of the members of House Organa, represent my fellow Organa members, represent!

House Organa

The ever so skilled Nerdish Mom provided the pattern and instructions for us to make our own geeky bears!  Remember to tweet your finished bear #igglebear so that she can see your friends once they’re complete!

completed bear - N7

When we weren’t planning out trips to our local craft stores to stock up and start making things, we were also thinking about how to celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday with the Jane Austen Letter Writing Challenge.  (Don’t forget, there is also a prize for this event!)


We built blanket forts so that we could watch the Geekie Awards in style, be sure to tweet or post your fort pictures to #igglefort

Iggle Fort!

We ate tacos, and giggled, and watched the red carpet portion of the Geekie Awards.

We also had some amazing hangouts and webinars and giveaways!

Check out the Biology of Zombies with Mariel here:

Visit the rest of the IGGPPCamp Playlist on YouTube for her Q&A sessions, here!

The very talented Mandy O. also shared some geek knowledge and love in the Geeky Sharing Circle, and kicked off a giveaway for two copies of her book: Murloc Soup for the Geek Soul.  Check the recording of our hangout for the code you need to win, the giveaway ends at midnight August 18, 2014.

Silverpistola is also sponsoring a giveaway for the book reviewed in the YA Book Review blog post, be sure to check that out to enter!

since you've been gone 2


Kacie from The Written Word(s) also sponsored a giveaway of epic proportions…


This event filled day was topped off by watching the Geekie Awards together, eating tacos, and cheering each other on as we hoped for a win.

While we didn’t take home an award, I know I speak for all of us at the IGGPPC HQ when I say: the amazing amount of love and support and geeky good will shown by iggles everywhere as we prepared for this event was far and above anything we could ever have hoped for.  As a community, you iggles are outstanding.  Thank you all for learning and growing with us on this wild and fantastic adventure.  I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of IGGPPCamp 2014!

Have fun with Day 3!

If you missed or did not receive an achievement code for an event in which you participated, please contact the activity coordinator, or reach out to myself or one of the other staffers.

With love,

Ninja Kimberlee