Hello campers! We kept things pretty chill today, but awesomely! I hope you’re getting into the swing of the week-long activities as well as enjoying the new surprises each day brings. Are you getting along with the rest of your troop? Have you written a letter from camp to your pen pal? Thanks to everyone who made today great, from coordinators to participants! It thrilled me to no end to look at all of the buzz on twitter & in the comments! Join me around the fire as we review today’s adventures.

In addition to the Solo Photo Scavenger Hunt, we now have the troop version! Remember, the winning troop will be the only ones to get the achievement code for this activity, so get out your camera & get hunting!


Share a sweaty selfie when you participate in today’s Fitness Challenge! This may be an online camp, but you should definitely stay active! & if you’re going to be active, the most fun way is with your camp buddies & with the promise of a special achievement, right?


What would our day be without crafts? Not nearly as much fun! & today’s craft is a super cool way to show off your love of comics (or maps or books)! Check out this great paper rose that Erin Jones made!


In delicious baked goods news, we were introduced to the marvelous drool-inducing Campfire Sugar Cookies! Did anyone make a batch to share? I have got to work on my frosting-making skills…


Don’t forget we have a giveaway that began today! I wish you could all win, because it is such a lovely care package! Head on over & enter now if you haven’t already!


If you’re up for a skill challenge as well as the raffle-style care package giveaway, the 24-Hour Ghost Story Writing Contest launched today! This is a great chance to have fun, unleashing your imagination to paper! Er, well, maybe virtual paper… but it could win you real paper!


Last but not least, if you didn’t catch the Geeky Blind Test, head over here right now & treat yourself! Post your answers there in the forum! I was so delightfully surprised to hear some of my own personal favorite geek tunes.

Some of us also had a pretty spontaneous watch-a-long of The Princess Bride! Feel free to watch it on your own time &/or just join in the conversation, over on twitter with #princessiggles!

Thanks to EACH of you for tuning in, & for your participation so far! We are so happy about each bit of involvement we see, & hope the rest of the week continues to make you guys happy! Keep on having fun & being the wonderful loveable community you are. <3