Hey Iggles! It was a crazy action packed day of camp, complete with fun webinars, games, and tutorials!

Congratulations to Troop Marshwiggle on winning the Troop Scavenger Hunt! That was super fast! Troop Silvertongue was not far behind them with 27 of the 30 items found when Marshwiggle took the gold! Mama Jo has your achievement code for winning, so make sure you get it from her! If you still want to do more scavenger hunting, check out the Solo Hunt!

So what did we do today? Well, in order to meet our s’more quota, we made s’mores with Jen.

cookie smoreDid you make a healthy recipe with The Mighty Jerd? He’s a Miggle doing some amazing fitness challenges for us! Definitely check these out, take your pictures, and get your achievements for them so you can get some neat prizes at the end!


How are y’all enjoying these wonderful craft challenges from Noxy? Today’s was for all the Quinns out there. <3


And speaking of crafts, check out this awesome tutorial for making your own pinback buttons! I want a button press machine SO bad now!


You have two days to enter Kacie’s birthday giveaway and there is some eye popping stuff in it, so definitely go enter as many times as you can!

20140812_152212Now for webinars! We had some supreme webinars today. The first was Lydia’s copywriting webinar, which was pretty great and super informative, also with an appearance from her kitty. Be sure to check that out and when you do, the achievement code is “freelance”

Next webinar was the Geek Feminism webinar by The Nerdy Girls Society and they ROCKED it! Be sure to tweet @NerdyGirlsSoc if you have any questions for them or if you need the achievement code for their webinar!

We also had geek trivia with Amanda Brand! Be sure to email her your answers, as she will be announcing the winner tomorrow afternoon. She also gives you an achievement code in that video.

Lastly, we had some late evening fun and debauchery playing Cards Against Humanity. We had a great time, but since it was a bit rude and improper, you won’t get to see what happened in that particular hangout.



We hope you enjoyed day four of camp! Tomorrow will be pretty great too, with cupcake baking and games and more crafts! Goodnight, campers!