Dearest IGGPPC Nation,

It is with heavy heart that we announce that our beloved Co-Founder, Leslie aka Stewbs, is going on a hiatus for the next 7 months to:

chase unicorns and moonbeams
become a super spy
get married
tour the infinite wonders of the imagination
pet cats
become a wizard
(delete as applicable).

She will still be around for us to prode and poke occasionally but will be taking a reduced roll in the day to day IGGPPC business. Of course we have a massive sad, but she’ll be back with a vengeance before you know it! She knows we all love her very much, the crazy wee pixie that she is and we already cannot wait to envelop her back in the squishy love bubble we staff clearly live in!


With that in mind we are looking to take on a new staff member to be the head of House Granger as well as take on monthly pairing responsibilities and other such staff duties.

Requirements: Must have time to dedicate to IGGPPC! As well as having good few hours at the beginning of every month to do pairing, there’s always the forums to keep an eye on/participate in, blogs to be written, tweets to be flung, facebook to manage, answering iggle questions and more, on a daily basis. Having a twitter and facebook account is a must.

All us staff have full time jobs, partners, pets and real life commitments, but we also always find time to get shiz done! There is no monetary gain from being IGGPPC staff, but the good karma and warm fuzzies it gives you is more than enough!

If this is something that you would be interested here’s what to do:

To apply please email:
Subject: Staff Wanted!

In your email, please include:

Link to your IGGPPC member profile
Top 5 Geek Loves
Your Favourite Thing about IGGPPC
An awesome plan you could implement for the betterment of IGGPPC
Favourite Meme
Twitter account

Only email applications will be accepted, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask here or via our official IGGPPC twitter account.


In closing, let’s all send lots of love and ethereal marshmallows to Leslie as she heads out for adventure and mischief <3

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