A few months ago, I had this crazy idea: since I wanted to do something to spread the word about IGGPPC in France, why not do something during Geekopolis, one of the greatest geek conventions in Paris? With the help of a group of wonderful Iggles and the Geekopolis staff, I prepared animations I can’t wait to do for real! What we’ll do here is really the work of a community.

logo geekopolis

What is Geekopolis, will you ask ? It’s the incredible dream of a handful of geeks, who created two years ago an ephemeral city for geeks. This convention is quite amazing, with several spaces dedicated to geek universes and beautifully decorated booths, nothing you’ll ever see anywhere else. Metropolis for science-fiction, Teklab for computers and robots, Avalon for magic and fantasy, Nautilus for steampunk and Little Tokyo for japanimation; those are the 5 districts of this city. Each geek can find the place where they want to stay or discover new universes. Most of the people who are behind the Geekopolis convention are volunteers, so the atmosphere is rather peculiar. You feel like home. Visit Geekopolis, and it’s just like going on vacation in the greatest city in the world! I wish I could send you postcards from there. Hum, that’s an idea.

Female villains pictureSo you can imagine how excited I was when, after I contacted them, the Geekopolis staff told me they’d love IGGPPC to do some animations during the convention. That was the best moment. After that, I had only a few days to find out exactly WHAT kind of animation, so I freaked out, because I had only one idea, and it wasn’t in the theme. For 2015, they choose the theme “Explore the dark side of geek universes”… We had to adapt and find something with “villains” as the theme. Luckily, I was helped by the Overlords, Ninjas and a few other Iggles from France and other countries. And, surprisingly, it was the Geekopolis staff who asked us to do a conference (panel) about Female Villains in pop-culture. I immediately thought of Clemence, one of our French feminist iggles, and she agreed to present this conference.

iggppc workshopWe also thought of a writing workshop we could do, based on the writing of letters -because, of course!- which was named “How to write a letter to your Nemesis.” The last animation we decided to do was a quiz about Female Villains to match the conference. It’s been more than 3 months since we started to brainstorm about this, and everything is ready right now… Let just tell you everything about it.

At first, we had a few online meetings with the Overlords, the Ninjas and the Camp Counselors who helped me a lot to find out how we could do all this. Some Iggles helped Clemence creating a huge list of female villains she could use to illustrate her conference. Others helped me to design the pictures for Geekopolis website, or write examples of letters for the workshop. Most of all, we wrote 50 questions for the quiz with the help of several Iggles from all over the world! I’m very proud of this quiz: it’s tricky, funny, difficult and various.

IGGPPC en françaisClemence, Helene -a French Iggle who is also a Geekopolis volunteer- and I had a few meetings to set things right, find new ideas, collect the female villain list and prepare everything. As the core team of “French IGGPPC,” we decided how we were going to take the quiz and the best way to make the workshop. And last week, we also tested both animations! At first, we reunited with some French Iggles who agreed to be my guinea pigs for the workshop. It went well, we had fun, the letters were great and now thanks to them, the workshop is settled. On the Free Comic Book Day, we went to the best comic-book store in Paris and made people play the quiz in the queue. It was trickier than we thought! We couldn’t do it this time because we were in the middle of a street, but during the convention itself, people will have to answer by an evil laugh.

Of course, even if the Overlords can’t make it to Paris this time, they helped us by creating French business cards and banners, and by sending a huge bag of goodies: we’ll give them away for the quiz winners. And if you wonder why this month’s theme is “Supervillains?” To match with Geekopolis theme, of course!

Giveaway GeekopolisThe goodies we’ll give away for the winners of the quiz !

I’m so excited to welcome a lot of new French Iggles -because that’s why we’re here- and I hope you’ll get on well with them. If you happen to speak French, even if it’s a little bit, don’t hesitate and join us on the Geek Girl Pen Pals en français Facebook page.

geekopolis bannerHow to attend Geekopolis ?

Want to join the fun, meet us, take the quiz, discover Geekopolis and more? It takes place during two days, on May the 23th and 24th, at the convention center Porte de Versailles in Paris. You won’t need a car since you can easily go there by train, underground and tramway. I strongly suggest to buy your tickets ahead so you’ll be able to plan your stay, register to the workshops, etc. And if you want to go, please don’t forget to tell me, I’d love to meet you there!