It’s that time of the month! The time to gather around and chit chat about Gilmore Girls. This month we’re talking about Season 1. I didn’t recap each episode, since I binge watched them in 3 sessions and lost track of life for a bit. I’ll break it up by episode and psuedo-live blog it for you in January.

Also, if you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls, there will be details/spoilers ahead. I mean, you should have already watched it, though. Go do that. This will be here when you’re done.


Starting Season 1 was like watching really well produced home movies of old friends and family. Rory is so young! Lorelei and Luke are so awkward! Grandparents Gilmore are on the scene! Friday dinners! Hijinks! Sookie! Michel! Witty, fast-paced dialogue! Dean! First days/first kisses!

Basically, Season 1 is the beginning of many things for our Gilmore Girl duo. Rory is accepted into a super exclusive private school called Chilton and Lorelei wrangles a deal with her parents for them to provide funding for the school in return for the Girls coming to Friday dinner every week. Rory starts dating Dean {while not my favorite of the Rory-loves, I do enjoy the young-love-ness of it all} and there’s heartbreak and smootches and finally a dramatic reunion with those “three little words”. Luke regains, then loses, his lady friend Rachel while everyone and their mother is pretty sure Luke and Lorelei are totally smitten with one another. Which is hampered by the fact that Lorelei has a romance going on with the adorable Max Medina that ends up with a proposal {I think that the Season 1 finale may be why my favorite flower is a daisy}.

I think the best thing about re-watching Gilmore Girls is that we already know what’s going to happen, but we get to see the beginnings all over again. Also, Sookie and Michel are just. so. delightful. The rest of Stars Hollow are excellent and fabulous, but those two could have carried a whole show on their own.

I watched a lot of these episodes while sick {November was a rough month health-wise, and I’m currently on sinus medication for another thing}, and I’m seriously not doing justice to the show. So please please please leave comments talking about your favorite plots/sub-plots, what you liked the best, what you had forgotten about, etc. I’ll frequent the comments and respond. And I’ll do a bang-up job for January.

~ Sarah ~