And the winner of the first ever IGGPPC Camp Tabletop Tournament is. . .


And Honorable Runner-Up goes to Amanda Boyd (MsDuh). The two were tied in the final game and it came down to their tournament scores. Leah had 22 points and Amanda had 20. They were so close, so gracious, and so delightful.

Joanna also deserves an honorable mention, yet again, for giving up her finals place in the tournament. She had a previous commitment to her very beloved Dr. Who.  She did a wonderful job.

Finally, I want to send a massively heartfelt shout-out to Claire for playing every single game with a single default to her credit. Sadly, her points did not win her a seat in the finals, but her dedication and love of Tabletop Games places her among the elite!

Thank you for everyone who participated. It has been a wonderful learning experience and it was a great moment for bringing women into the realm of Tabletop Gaming.


Until next time. . .